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At the GDNC we treat the body and the mind together. Feeling good about one’s smile could mean feeling more confident and happier. We therefore recognize the power of confidence, and we offer quality veneers.

What are veneers? And when are they needed?

Veneers are made of a layer of material placed over the teeth. Porcelain is often used as a material to make the veneers. Veneers are needed to improve aesthetics of the smile or to protect the surface of the teeth from damage. In GDNC, not only we aim to provide our patients with beautiful teeth, but also we provide them with long-lasting results.

These are the steps our dentists and the team follow in the GDNC, while working on veneers:

  • Accurate evaluation and planning of the case
  • Proper preparation
  • Fabricating quality veneers
  • Precise fixing
  • Final checking of the bite
  • Educating the patient of post veneers care.

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Throughout all of the above steps, we provide personalized service which helps make these procedures much more patient friendly. We take our time to explain and prepare the patients for the procedures and make sure we respect their needs.

What Factors Play a Role in Making Our Veneers Work Successful?

Our expertise, communication with patients and our philosophy of treating the mind and the body hand in hand, make our veneer work unique. We evaluate the oral and bite condition of our patients to make sure that they are the right candidates for veneers. Precise preparation for the case allows us an exact transfer of the details to our professional dental technicians to produce the highest quality German manufactured veneers.

Our reputation in fixing the veneers, as well as our patients reviews are a true testimony of our quality work and our life changing support!

Your Smile Is Our Priority

Are you suffering from any broken, damaged or missing teeth? Do you think twice before smiling ? Are you embarrassed to go out with your loose or uncomfortable dentures? If the answer is yes, then our dental team at GDNC will help you provide an effective and long-term solution to restore both your smile and self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why Should I Choose The German Dental Neuromuscular Clinic for Veneers?

As mentioned above, in the GDNC all the factors to ensure quality veneer work are incorporated. The time required, the expertise, the technology as well as the physical and the emotional support, are all factors that the team in GDNC are providing. Since having veneers is a long-term commitment in which the patients invest time, money as well as their effort, the decision of where to make the veneers, is a critical one. Here in the GDNC, we respect the patients’ commitments and we cater to their needs.

Are Veneers Permanent?

Porcelain Veneers can last for decades as long as the patient is taking care of them properly. In the GDNC we educate our patients about how to take care of their veneers. Some patients will have no need to replace their veneers for years if they follow the instructions. Our dentists will update the patients with the situation of their veneers.

How Can Patients Take Care of Their Veneers?

Patients need to continue following a healthy oral hygiene practices such as proper brushing, flossing and also using interdental brushes. The dentist will talk to patients about stain-causing food and beverages. The porcelain veneers resist stains, never the less the conversation about staining will be held as a repercussion.

Does Fixing the Veneers Hurt?

With the team’s support, pain and discomfort can be reduced and the patients can have a positive experience. In the GDNC we communicate with our patients on regular basis while we are doing the procedure to make sure that the patients are comfortable.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Veneer Work?

Different time periods can be assigned for completing the veneer work. Having the CAD/CAM makes the time period shorter. We in the GDNC like to take our time to explain and prepare the patient for the procedure. Depending on each case the time required can differ. The maximum time veneer work require is a week, but in many cases, we complete the work in a shorter period of time, thanks to our high-tech equipment, machinery, expertise as well as accessibility to the laboratory.

Do Patients Need to Visit the Dentists to Check their Veneers After the Procedure is Completed?

Patients will need to come for check-up’s as well as professional cleaning (which is also strongly recommended even if you do not have veneers), should be booked at least twice every year. Discolouration can occur if you are not careful with habits such as drinking staining liquids like tea, coffee or wine or if you smoke.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of the Veneers?

That depends entirely on the sort of coverage the patient has. With an employer dental insurance policy, the patient will need to check with the workplace whether they would cover such treatments. Most insurance companies tend to not include veneers in their dental covers, since it is considered an esthetic treatment as opposed to a necessity. It is highly recommended that the patients inquire clearly about their veneer insurance coverage, before they start the procedure. This way the patients can plan their budget, as well as their payment plans. One of our team members usually assist patients in understanding the payment plans.

At What Age Are Veneers Recommended?

Though veneers are a typically non-invasive procedure, we do not recommend it for children or those under 18. This is primarily because children and teenagers are growing and developing, undergoing changes all the time. Hence, whilst braces and other orthodontic treatments are allowed, cosmetic dentistry is something that is best left to the adults. If a child needs some adjustments, then it’s recommended to wait to reach the age of 18 years old.

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