Orthodontics For Children & Adolescents

Early care of teeth & jaw development is essential for the wellbeing of children!

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Orthodontics For Children

More than half of all dental and jaw problems occur after birth.

Causes for this are, for example, pacifier or thumb sucking, involvement of the upper respiratory tract, as well as early loss of baby teeth. Of course, genetic factors also play a role. Some scientists state that 40% of the growth is genetically determined and 60% is functionally mediated.

Waiting for the full teeth change, with the aim of shortening the orthodontic treatment duration, can result in clear disadvantages. Around the age of 10 years, 90% of the growth of the upper jaw is already completed and the jaw joints have already formed a large part of their shape and function. With jaw position problems, a jaw asymmetry may already develop. Research in the US showed that a large part of the cross bites in the early dental stage also influence the development of deviations of the nasal septum.

Unfavorable breathing patterns also have an influence on the further development of the jaw (skeletal) and teeth position. If there is no orthodontic treatment indication at a young age, the ideal time can be planned more easily if one evaluates at an early age.

Orthodontics For Adolescents

Early orthodontic interventions can in some cases avoid the removal of teeth at a later stage, or facilitate a later correction. The early diagnosis of functional problems is also necessary in the coordination of further harmonious jaw growth and teeth breakthrough.

Sometimes, however, the complete breakthrough of all teeth is a prerequisite for achieving a definitive and optimal result. Since in an early orthodontic treatment more removable equipment is used, with permanent teeth a fixed device or ‘brackets’ is the most commonly used equipment.

This treatment can take place in a classic metal version, ceramic (transparent) or an invisible (lingual / on the inside of the teeth) version.


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