Functional Orthodontics

A physiological approach towards bite correction

  •  Integrated into treatment options for children & adults
  • Restoration of functional balance & facial structure
  • Alignment of the teeth to correct the bite

Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics or also dental facial orthopedics aim for a balanced function between all components in the jaw and mouth region.

Well-shaped tooth arches, a correct relationship from lower to upper jaw, a correct height or ‘bite’ ratio contribute to a coordinated function of the head, neck and face muscles, and a stable jaw joint with good chewing function. Therefore, a malfunction in this balance can lead to a variety of problems such as chewing function disorders, jaw joint complaints, headache and migraine, airway obstruction, sleep problems and sleep apnea.

Many patients consult for an orthodontic treatment because of so-called ‘crooked teeth’. There is often an underlying functional component that must also be taken into account. On the other hand, the functional problem can also be the reason for an (orthodontic) consultation.

Orthodontic treatment therefore not only involves a ‘nicely placed teeth next to each other’ but also a ‘restoration of functional balance’.


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A common phenomenon in functional problems is grinding teeth or bruxism. Grinding teeth has been the subject of scientific research for years.
Bruxism can occur at night (sleep bruxism), and during the day. With sleep bruxism there are often other sleep-related disorders. In the last 10 years, there has been a hypothesis that there is a clear link between sleep bruxism, sleep-related respiratory disorders and jaw joint problems.

However, the chewing system is also an important factor in the management of emotional (stress) factors, in which clamps and grinding teeth significantly mitigate stress-induced psychosomatic disorders. Bruxism is therefore also a physiological event and of great importance in the medical and dental assessment of this problem. Damage of the teeth due to the bruxism must be clearly distinguished from normal tooth wear.

The health and quality of the chewing system and therefore good chewing function play a crucial role in the stress management process.

Grinding teeth (Bruxism) can cause structural problems at the jaw joint, teeth and support tissue, if the load of the pressure is immense and continues too long, and if the tooth contact where grinding takes place is unfavorable.

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