Dental Implants

Happen to have any missing teeth?
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  •  Best replacement for missing teeth
  •  High tissue integration rates
  • Long-term solution using the latest technology

Dental Implants

Who needs implants ?

Any patient that has lost one or more teeth. Implants are the best option available for replacing natural teeth.

Why GDNC ?

  1. Expertise

Our dentists have over 50 years of combined experience in placing dental implants.

  1. Type of implants

We only use German or American brands that are manufactured strictly in Europe and the USA.

  1. Personalized solutions

We pride ourselves on providing solutions that work for you. Every patient has their own story and experience, we take the time to hear you and understand exactly what you need before we propose to you our different solutions.


Why Choose Us?

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Private Dentistry

We offer the most affordable private dental practices with dedicated & personalised care

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Best reputation for cosmetic and restorative dentistry

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Welcoming Environment

Your comfort and security is our number one priority.

Highest Standards Of Dental
Excellence End Patient Care

Our highly trained staff utilise the latest dental technologies


Implantology 3D Computerized

GDNC uses the first interactive 3D computer imaging software that is used for Dental Implant planning.
The three simple steps in CT-guided dental implant are planning, surgery, and restoration. This technology allows our doctors to replace missing teeth with dental implants accurately, safely, and with optimal functional and cosmetic results.


CT Scan Image

The scan takes only a few minutes. Images are captured in multiple cross sections and gives accurate bone measurements.


Computer Planning

The CT images are reconstructed into a 3D computer model to allow virtual placement of implants and restorations.


Surgical Guide

The computer model is then used to fabricate a surgical guide, accurately translating the implant positions.

Your Smile Is Our Priority

Are you suffering from any broken, damaged or missing teeth? Do you think twice before smiling ? Are you embarrassed to go out with your loose or uncomfortable dentures? If the answer is yes, then our dental team at GDNC will help you provide an effective and long-term solution to restore both your smile and self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I tell if teeth whitening is the best option for me?

The first step is to get proper dental x-rays before deciding to whiten your teeth. The x-rays will determine the level of tooth discolouration. Your dentist will advise you on whitening options. For optimal appearance, it is best to choose a naturally white shade. The white should match the white in your eyes.

Can it damage my teeth?

Once again you need a proper dental examination to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. The general consensus is teeth whitening will not damage your teeth. There’s a low concentration of peroxide and if properly used it is a safe procedure. Your gums should be healthy for bleaching.

Can my teeth become sensitive during whitening?

Teeth sensitivity will be determined before the procedure. This means you will be aware of teeth sensitivity and can take precaution before the process. Use desensitizing toothpaste for 2 weeks to brush your teeth before the whitening procedure. This reduces sensitivity.

Will all teeth need to be whitened?

Every tooth has its maximum whiteness. It will not whiten beyond it. The process takes 15 minutes for the peroxide to reach the enamel, dentin and finally the pulp layer to remove stains. If a tooth is translucent, it may not whiten. You will have to use a filling material to improve the appearance.

Does age count?

Generally, age is not a factor. Bleaching can be done from age 10 upwards. If a young person has discoloured teeth, depending on the dentist’s recommendations, you can have it whitened. Even in an older person, over the age of 45 if there is no root exposure, teeth can be whitened without a problem.

How effective and safe is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is s popular cosmetic procedure, which is both safe and effective. You can choose in-office whitening done by a dentist, at home whitening or use over the counter products. The technique will vary on each of these procedures. So does the whitening concentration, solution and duration. Depending on your lifestyle, finances and preference you can opt for one of these three treatment methods.

I have one dark tooth? How can whitening help?

Determine with your dentist why a single tooth is dark. It can be a symptom of dental disease. Once the cause is recognized, there are two options. If your tooth needs a root canal, the whitening can be done from inside. In case it doesn’t, your dentist can recommend a single tooth whitening tray for the best outcome.

Does whitening have an impact on veneers, fillings or crowns?

Restorations cannot be lightened, but whitened restorations can be placed in your teeth. If whitened restorations have already been placed, you can opt to have the rest of your teeth whitened to match the existing dental work.

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