Orthodontics For Adults

Orthodontic care is as important to adults as it is for children & adolescents

  •  Modern & invisible solutions for adults
  • Comprehensive and safe treatments
  •  Aesthetically and functionally beautiful results

Orthodontics For Adults

Regardless of age, adults also have the option of making dental and jaw corrections. It is not uncommon for adults for years, or even since childhood, to be disturbed by the irregular tooth (or jaw!) position and therefore feel uncomfortable, or even have functional problems.

Correction in these situations not only provides an aesthetically and functionally beautiful result, but can also improve the quality of life.

Some treatments at the dentist such as crowns, bridges, implants can only be performed after preparatory orthodontics.

We therefore see that the number of adult patients opting for treatment is increasing. Increasingly better dental care, oral hygiene and motivation make a radiant smile possible at any age.

Ceramic braces, transparent removable trays / aligners, fixed braces on the inside can offer a solution for the adult patient due to their social and professional activity.


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