"Thanks to Dr. Fadi for the amazing job he did with my teeth. The implant looks real and feels absolutely amazing. All the staff at the clinic were very friendly and made me feel at home. I had a wonderful experience at German Dental Clinic. Will be going back there next month to remove my wisdom tooth. There's no where else I'd rather go for my dental treatments."

Brandon D Rozario

"As an Expat from the USA, I struggled to find a dentist in Dubai that was up to the standards. Dr. Abdolreza Nassouti took such wonderful care of me on an emergency treatment, with follow-up care and the use of state of the art technology; so I continued my general services at the clinic with satisfaction. The clinic and his services were even better than my treatments in the USA that I am sad to leave the UAE and begin another search."


"Well, if you are reading this testimonial then you probably have already made the right decision! I'm a patient of the German Dental Clinic since approx. 20 years and neither I nor the other members of my family have ever regretted using the clinic for all our dental needs. The broad variety of medical services offered makes it a “one stop” experience for "a better smile".
Very professional, fantastic service and best of all, flexible and punctual with appointments. Definitely a recommendable experience for something which normally gives you shivers.:-)"
Ottmar Lange

"Worth a one hour drive."
Walter Glasner, Ajman

"Dear German Dental & Neuromuscular Clinic,
I will follow you wherever you may go!!
I have been coming in and out of your clinic for God knows how many years now!! And each time is better than the last. I have nothing but sincere praise for the way this elegant clinic is run.
The doctors are so friendly and warm; non materialistic; possess great ethical standards of both their profession and their manners; explain very well the procedure; tolerate the behavior of their patients & hire the most beautiful of staff.
The staff is so friendly as well. They also perform their duties up to the best standard. And they follow up with their patients promptly without delay.
The clinic is always tidy and neat and deserves the envy of both housewives and housekeepers. The coffee is delicious and the utensils that are used are very expensively chosen!!
The bathroom is always clean and the smell is always fragrant!! And you guys, have the nicest toothbrushes I ever used! I always snatch one when I visit.
I can only wish this Clinic and its professional team more prosperity. And to its staff a great health, joy and peace. May you all have the best always."
Mae Hourani

"Since 9 years I am your patient.
Over all the years you and your team made a very good job!
Even my wife and a lot of friends we recommended to your clinic and all of them are very happy!
Maybe happy is not the correct word when we are talking about a dental clinic. :-)
Very much satisfied is better!
Thanks for all your support during the last years and our son will be your next patient soon!"
Thorsten Lutz

"I have dealt with many dentists in Dubai and internationally. I found that Dr. Jocelyne and her team as thorough in every aspect. They are thorough in diagnosing the problem, explaining what needs to be done, doing what needs to be done, and follow up after the treatment and/or operation. I drive out of my way to reach them and feel comfortable with the professional attention. They are also very friendly."
Musa Alsadoon

"Dr. Abdolreza Nassouti runs one of the few practices in Dubai that still focuses on genuine core patient medical values. The service, care, and attention to detail has not been compromised over the many years and is of 'A' rating. Thank you German Dental for being a constant of medical excellence in Dubai".
Shahab Almoosa

"Dr. Jocelyn is the perfect combination of intelligence, compassion, and artist. She has invested in "state of the art" technological advantages for her patient's comfort and results. After seeing such favorable results with our patients, I am glad to say I'm her patient too whenever I pass through Dubai."
Dr. Jeffry Finnigan

My phobia is extreme when it comes to the dentist. However coming to Dr. Jocelyne changed it all, she makes sure she explains everything she’s doing step by step to make me feel comfortable and not afraid. This experience is amazing. I love this place!!

Kisseshugs XX
Klim Popov

Always thought taking out wisdom teeth was a whole ordeal! But Dr.Fadi is a magician and it took him 5 Seconds to get rid of my tooth. I haven’t felt any paint or even discomfort after! Recommend this clinic to anybody who’s dreading the wisdom teeth removal 5/5 !I haven’t felt any paint or even discomfort after! Recommend this clinic to anybody who’s dreading the wisdom teeth removal 5/5 !

Kisseshugs XX
Kisseshugs XX

Dear Dr Charest, Thank you so much for saving my life with sleep Apnea appliance. Now after six months using the device for this matter , I feel full of energy and same person I used to be. I say this to all your patients to take this matter seriously cause not solving this issue will cause a lot of health issues and it might cause stroke.

Kisseshugs XX
Bahram Chobineh

Going to see the dentist has always been a daunting experience that I try to avoid. I'm very relieved though to have found the German Dental Clinic in Dubai. Dr. Charest must have been a magician in a different life, because I don't feel any inconvience nor pain as her magic hands fix my teeth. More importantly, she is quite transparent on what the issues are and potential treatment without being commercial- something I truly respect and appreciate. The support staff is also very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Always feel great coming here! Thank you!

Kisseshugs XX
Danny Dweik

Dr.Kanan has been my dentist for almost 2 years now! He is very professional and gentle. The clinic has a lovely ambiance and team

Kisseshugs XX
Fatima Alattar

All the staff are all very friendly and helpful. Everyone is always smiling. I guess because they have such nice teeth!!

Dr Jocelyne has a very light touch. she takes time to explain what she's doing and is very precise about everything. Kathy her assistant is also always very helpful. Thanks everyone.

Kisseshugs XX
Mona Ayyad

I went to the clinic for a teeth whitening by Dr. Charest. It has been a fantastic experience...stunning clinic with the latest technologies and comfort for the patient. Furthermore, the treatment received by the whole team was excellent and Dra. Charest very professional and exquisite with me. She explained me in detail all the steps of the treatment, extraordinary attention. Overall, it has a delightful experience and for sure I will visit her again for another treatments. I highly recommended Dra. Charest.

Kisseshugs XX
Beatriz Roman

I've been a patient of Dr. Charest for several years now. Her work ethics and professionalism is second to none. Highly recommended.

Kisseshugs XX
Nathalie Potvin

German Dental Clinic, is a extremely nice place to go and visit, all of the staff is amazing and always have a smile on their face, which is very welcoming. The doctors are of very high and excellent caliber and very professional. From crowns, to cleaning for the past couple of years that I have been going there, I have to say they deliver top notch quality. Highly recommended by me.

Kisseshugs XX
Dimitris Vergos

I've been a patient of Dr. Charest for several years now. Her work ethics and professionalism is second to none. Highly recommended.

Kisseshugs XX
Nathalie Potvin

I've been a client for 21 years! I'm an intrepid dentist visitor but have ALWAYS appreciated the care and professionalism administered by the BRILLIANT Doctor Nassouti. I'm only sorry i wont be able to take him home to Britain with me!
THANK YOU for your continued care & dedication to my smile. You have always put my nerves at ease and maintained my confidence.

Kisseshugs XX
Bexta Tierney

I’ve been a patient of Dr.Charest for more than 4 years and i'm so happy i've found her. Highest recommendation for Dr.Charest and team.

Kisseshugs XX
Tatyana Anashkina

Myself and my daughter have been coming to this clinic for years and always they did an excellent job. Thank you to Dr. Jocelyne and Kathy!

Kisseshugs XX
Oxana Andreeva

One of my friends advised me to visit the clinic, and honestly the service i received was the best. Highly recommended.

Kisseshugs XX
Ahmad Abusamra

As an expat you never know where to find professional doctors so my friend advise to come here. The best dental clinic I've been here in Dubai. Doctors are real professionals that can help anytime. I went just for check ups and treatment. Now I'm continuing with orthodontist therapy and wearing braces. Even my small daughter is completely comfortable here. Can advise this clinic to everybody. Thank you very much.

Kisseshugs XX
Amira Mon

I have been with Dr. Jocelyn Charest for 10 years. She is personable and genuine. Cathy, her assistant is exactly the same. I trust them with my life.

Kisseshugs XX
Leslie Orr

Can't recommend this clinic enough! My Family and I have been seeing Dr Jocelyne Charest for many years and we are extremely satisfied and appreciative. The clinic is always gleaming clean and the staff is very polite and competent.

Kisseshugs XX
Faiza Anwar

My parents have been visiting this clinic for a long time, my father specifically, who insisted I come here to get braces. It's been a year since I started coming here, and it has always been a wonderful experience. Friendly staff, experienced doctors and advanced equipment. It's a little bit far from where I live, but it's definitely worth the ride.

Kisseshugs XX
mhmd bops

I have been coming to do my regular cleaning with Dr Nassouti for quite some time now and he is just brilliant. Always virtuous and professional and takes my phobia away very easily. Highly recommend them.

Kisseshugs XX
Tarik Qahawish

We moved to Dubai from America at the end of 2015 and after a ton of research we decided to visit Dr. Nassouti.
My husband has a rather complicated dental situation and Dr. Nassouti has provided us both with exceptional care. He listens carefully and is thoughtful in his responses. At the end of each procedure Dr. Nassouti walks us through the best option to address our concerns on a daily and preventive basis.
The staff at German Dental clinic are helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant.
Dr. Nassouti is amazing and I highly recommend him.
Kisseshugs XX
hey smt

Well, been coming to the German Dental clinic for as long as I can remember since living in Dubai for my dental needs and I have never been disappointed with the world class experience Dr. Nassouti provides me and my family. In my view he's the best and post trusted dentist I have ever visited across the world !!

Kisseshugs XX
Tarek Kereknawi

I've been a patient at German Dental Clinic for about 10 years now, specifically with Dr. Nassouti. I completely trust Dr. Nassouti and his great work. He is a trustworthy doctor with great sincerity. A true professional that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Kisseshugs XX
Negar Zahiri

I've been with German Dental for over a Decade now.
Primarily just for checkups and cleanings, however I've had a few bigger procedures as well (namely teeth extraction). The staff is great. Very welcoming and helpful. The doctors are just as fantastic. I've been happy with my experience from the start, and I'm sure I'll continue to be so for the years to come.

Kisseshugs XX

We have been coming with great satisfaction to German Dental Clinic and Dr. Nassouti for over 4 years for regular health check-ups, dental hygiene and treatments. Most important advantage of this clinic is the availability of a well known German Orthodontist in Dubai which allowed us to continue the orthodontic care taking we started in Germany. Besides the high level of medical standard provided it has always been a pleasure to communicate with the friendly staff that creates a very positive atmosphere in the clinic.

Kisseshugs XX

Been loyal customers since 2004. Clean, modern, and fresh are the words that immediately come to mind, with the added value of possibly having the best staff in Dubai. Our kids have also been coming here since they were a few months old, and our experience is always very positive. Cannot recommend it more.

Kisseshugs XX
Ayman Farekh

Fantastic doctors! I have tried a few and super happy with the doctors in this clinic. Up to date on all new technologies and reasonable. Valet parking available and no long waiting. Highly recommended!

Kisseshugs XX
Chumi Afkir

I've been a patient of Dr. Charest for 8 years now. I find that her service is excellent. Specifically, I appreciate how communicative she is about the treatment at hand and what can be done on a preventative basis.
Over the years, I have referred new arrivals to Dubai to Dr. Charest who continue to be happy patients of her's

Kisseshugs XX
r gorab

Always a very pleasant experience . The clinic has a nice feel to it, from the design to cleanliness to its welcoming staff. All the doctors are very friendly and professional . Every one takes the time to welcome patients and make them feel at ease. It is really work of art

Kisseshugs XX
Family Sahyoun

The BEST Dental Clinic in Dubai!!!!
I have lived in Dubai since 2003 and Dr. Nasouti has been my go-to dentist since 2004. We go way back:) The clinic, the equipment, the staff, the professionalism and customer care are astounding!!
I always recommend the German Dental Clinic to my friends and none of them has been disappointed till date. Keep the good work!

Kisseshugs XX
Khadijatou El Hamed

It was an amazing experience being here! Clinic space was nice and the doctor were really great. I am a littl picky when people get in my mouth but I felt confident, treatment was good and I am pretty satisfied! I recommend the clinic a lot.

Kisseshugs XX
Cesar Cisneros

My experience with the German Dental Clinic has been and still is remarkable. I have been coming to this clinic to get examined by Dr. Nasooti since a very long time maybe 6 years if not more.
The service is very good and the appointment booking is very organized. Both the building as well as the equipments being used are very clean and new. This reflects positively in the patient's mind. However, one thing that is a little concerning to me is the price. I think it is a little expensive and that it could be a little cheaper.
Last but not least the clinic has wonderful staff and people working who are very helpful and nice to talk to.

Kisseshugs XX
Maisoon Al-Rais

German Dental Clinic is immaculately clean, the staff are helpful and organized and the doctors are the best part. They are caring, sincere and well experienced. I recommend it for all ages and for all kinds of dental work. From cleaning, root canals to ortho work.

Kisseshugs XX
Samar Melhem

Dr. Jocelyne Charest is the best doctor ever. I'm her patient for almost 2 years now. She is always informing about every step of the treatment and always giving an options. Happy to be her patient!

Kisseshugs XX
Denis Lupandin

This is a wonderful clinic! I was really satisfied with a high level of service they provided. And the doctors were so professional not to mention very nice, thank you so much!

Kisseshugs XX
Dasha Shaban

Doctor Charest was perfect , for the dental problem of my sun. he was very special hard and long treatment but he was confident and me too with her diagnostic. Doctor Charest take time to explain us all the process and this was prefect for us. I recommend with out problem Doctor Charest specially when you have a problem ATM .

Kisseshugs XX

German Dental Clinic is my preferred clinic in Dubai as the staff, especially Dr. Jocelyne, are very friendly and show that they really care about their patients. I will definitely recommend this clinic to all my friends. Thank you!

Kisseshugs XX
Leila Al-Sadoon

Very nice clinic. Every time I come, I'm surrounded with the great atmosphere and professional dental treatment. Highly recommended!

Kisseshugs XX
Aleksey Vorobyev

Very professional, clean environment and uses the latest technology. Also very helpful staff and high attention to detail.
Highly recommended for both adults and children.
Makes going to the dentist a pleasure!

Kisseshugs XX
Reem Alfarkh

The staff and the doctors are very friendly. They will explain you exactly what they will do and how you can improve your health of the teeth. The view from your chair is very nice and you can enjoy during your stay the JLT, or watch TV.

Kisseshugs XX
Schober Simon

I had a dental emergency and needed an immediate appointment. Unfortunately the clinic was already fully booked for the coming days. The team at German Dental Clinic worked some magic and I was taken care off the next morning.

Kisseshugs XX
Nadine Wiegert

Dr. Jocelyne is a fantastic Dentist and she has worked wonders on my teeth and my smile. I would most highly recommend her and the German Dental Clinic to anyone in the world. I most certainly have recommended them to a number of people in Dubai.

Kisseshugs XX
Jack Ahart

Excellent clinic,very good treatment,and high standard.

Kisseshugs XX
Samer Ali

I've been visiting German Dental Clinic for over a year now. It's really hard to find good dentist in Dubai and i'm happy that i found this clinic and Dr.Nassouti. I'm planning to stay with this clinic as long as i'm staying in Dubai. Also, it should be mentioned that the staff and atmosphere in clinic is very welcoming. I definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for the highly-qualified dentist in Dubai.

Kisseshugs XX

Great experience as a parent taking his kids to the dentist. the doctors are friendly and professional which puts my kids at ease and avoid the usual fear associate which such visit to the doctors.

Kisseshugs XX
Borhene BenMena

Friendly staff, experienced doctors, no waiting time Scheduling works just perfect, always reminders via phone call. The doctors and the staff do a great job

Kisseshugs XX
Werner Allgaier

I really appreciated the "Patient First Attitude" at the German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic. The office is clean, very modern and everyone is very welcoming.
The clinic is staffed with top of the line professionals, with superb workmanship, artistry and state of the art equipment. This clinic also has, to the best of my knowledge, the only certified neuromuscular dentist in the UAE, if not the Middle East.
Both dentists and staff are very patient, calming, and take time to explain things so you can understand them, and have a sense of humor which does help!
Whatever your dental needs are, I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic.

Kisseshugs XX
Yves Heroux

Despite living in Abu Dhabi while GDC is located in Dubai, I have always been a loyal regular patient for more than ten years.
Dr. Nassouti is confident and has a great knowledge about his job especially when it comes to critical surgical issues. I always trust his diagnoses and recommendations.

Kisseshugs XX
Shireen Dabash

For everyone who is suffering from TMJ disorder. I was having a jaw pain for over a 4 years. After few sessions with Dr.Charest I finally started to eat normally. I definitely recommend this clinic to others.

Kisseshugs XX
Mijat Barjaktarevic

I want to say thank you to German Dental Clinic for perfect service and care towards their clients! You are doing a wonderful job, thank you! Personnel are highly qualified. Especially I want to say thank you to Dr. Nassouti for his careful and qualified work

Kisseshugs XX
Ксения Могилевская

I have known Dr Nasouti ever since he came to Dubai in early 90s and have been his patient since then. He is a thorough professional in his field, likable and friendly person.
I like the atmosphere in office, though I have not seen any other dentist office is Dubai, I think it has always been organized and run friendly and professionally.
Though I have had several problems with my teeth, but I have always trusted him and never tried to get a second opinion. He is good!
I wish good luck for Dr Nasouti and his team.

Kisseshugs XX
Masoud nayebi

Good Morning,I started with German Dental clinic specially Dr. Nassouti for last 18 years since your clinic in Shiekh Zayed Road. As family we have always consulted him and his professional advise were always taken into consideration, your friendly staff are always great support, Dr.Nassouti is dedicated to his job and care. Wish you all the best.
Regards & Respect, Farid and family

Kisseshugs XX
farid saadi

I am with Dr. Nasouti since my family and I arrived to Dubai back in 2003. I believe Dr. Nasouti is one of the most friendly, competent and experienced dentists in Dubai.

Kisseshugs XX
Wolfgang Sack

Open for Emergencies!

Thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time. Respecting the regulations of the DHA (Department of health), our clinic will be open only for those patients who are in pain.

Please rest assured that our team is taking all the necessary precautions to treat you in a safe environment. To schedule your Emergency appointment please call us on 056-800-4722. We will evaluate your symptoms and health condition and plan the next steps.

Please rest assured that our team is taking all the necessary precautions to treat you in a safe environment. To schedule your Emergency appointment please call us on 056-800-4722. We will evaluate your symptoms and health condition and plan the next steps.

GDNC Management & Team