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Your teeth are your asset: Mistakes to avoid when whitening your teeth at home

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To have a set of teeth that are absolutely clean and pearly white is a definite aspiration for everyone. This has inspired many people to use whitening kits and remedies at home to achieve a perfect smile. However, without the help of a professional to help guide the process, many times mistakes occur that can cause damage to your teeth and gums. In order to avoid such harm, the following list will help you identify and prevent the common mistakes that are made when whitening teeth at home.

  • Not Thoroughly Following Instructions

With any home whitening kits, an instruction manual is provided which gives detailed information on the care to be taken before, during and after the treatment. It is necessary to brush and floss your teeth prior to starting the treatment so that any plaque buildup or food particles present can be flushed out. This prepares your teeth and enamel to absorb the whitening process better.

During the whitening treatment, each and every instruction must be carefully and closely followed to allow maximum benefits to be reaped. This can happen when the bleach is left on the teeth only for the recommended amount of time, if not will result in bright splotches appearing on the surface. The fluids can also hurt your gums and cause pain, discomfort and possible bleeding.

Once the treatment is complete, make sure that you do not consume any food and drinks that can stain your teeth. These items include wine, soft drinks, sports drinks and foods that contain heavy food coloring. This will remove all the benefits that your whitening treatment has provided so far. It is also recommended to avoid smoking in the first 24 hours to prevent further staining. Any other pointers provided must also be followed correctly. 

  • Not Consulting Your Dentist

It is always recommended to meet with your dentist in advance and gain recommendation from them as to which whitening treatment suits you best. This depends on your teeth, the various products installed in and around them and their sensitivity. It is possible that your teeth will not react well to certain treatments and lacking this essential knowledge can severely damage your teeth.

In order to avoid making such mistakes, a consultation with your orthodontists can help in gaining advice on the best whitening treatment. This will ensure that your teeth remain safe and protected while becoming brighter and cleaner. By doing so, you will also be able to get the best fit treatment for your teeth that can be easily done at their office with care that you deserve. New treatments can prove to be more effective and longer lasting and you can learn more about them at your dentist’s office. 

  • Using Whitening Products Too Frequently

A common mistake that is often made is that people tend to overuse their whitening products to get better results quickly. This happens in terms of the quantity being applied and also at the frequency in which it is used. Applying a greater amount of product on your teeth will not help you gain better results as only certain parts of your teeth are exposed to the treatment. Lumping the product can irritate your gums and cause further discomfort.

By using your treatment too frequently, the enamel of your teeth can get affected and damaged which will prevent it from providing optimum protection. Your teeth can also get discolored which cannot be corrected later on and this will make your teeth look worse than intended. In order to avoid this error, it is best to consult your instruction manual or dentist and practice a better schedule to whiten your teeth.

Avoid the listed mistakes and help your teeth stay more protected and safer from chemical treatments for long. This will keep your teeth strong and healthy for many years to come. Book an appointment with your orthodontist today to gain optimal results for your teeth.

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