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Why You No Longer Need To Be Afraid Of Root Canal Treatment

When people hear the term root canal treatment there is no doubt that it makes them uneasy. You may easily believe the procedure is directly associated with pain. The perception that the treatment was painful began before modern techniques, advanced technology and anesthetics were introduced to general dentistry. A root canal in terms of discomfort is similar to that of a dental filling. A recent study indicated that people who’ve had root canal treatment were likely to call the procedure painless compared to people who didn’t know anything about it.

The anatomy of a tooth is made up of the dentin which is the hard layer, the outer white enamel and inner soft pulp that goes from the crown to the tooth root. When the pulp becomes infected it becomes necessary that you have root canal treatment.

Here’s a look at some probable causes of for the pulp to become inflamed.

– Cracked or fractured tooth

– Deep decay

– Multiple dental procedures

– Trauma or injury to the tooth


And here are the warning symptoms.

You will experience discomfort which ranges from mild to extreme like a throbbing pain.

The pain may be felt to stimulus including biting and chewing or exposure to beverages both hot and cold.

In some patients the discomfort is so severe that it can wake you up from sleep.

The Procedure

The procedure involves removing the inflamed or infected pulp, cleaning and disinfecting it. Thereafter, the root canal will be irrigated and filled. A tooth-coloured filling or permanent crown is used to restore the tooth and it will function like the rest of your natural teeth.

The point of this procedure is to remove the infected area. It is the infected nerve that causes the pain which means this part of the tooth needs to come out. There is nothing to be nervous about this treatment if you have a qualified dentist in Dubai overseeing the procedure.