Why Is Dental Hygiene Important?

German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic is not all about providing you with solutions for your dental problems. We also want to make the experience you get with us a pleasant one. Our team of dental hygienists is well experienced and trained to serve this purpose.

The main aim of your group of dental hygienists is to improve gum health, show people correct home care and apply preventive materials to gums and teeth.

Almost everyone tends to brush their teeth at least twice a day and use dental floss, intending to keep their teeth clean. If you do this on a daily basis, you might wonder why you need a dental hygienist to take care of your teeth. When compared to what you do at home, out team will clean your teeth professionally, which you will not be able to do without our assistance. We will also educate the patients on the steps that they need to take in order to ensure that their teeth are cleaned and well maintained.  You might even have to make changes to what you eat in order to preserve you teeth. Our group of hygienists and dentists will work together and tell you what you exactly need to do.

A thought might pop into your head as to why your dentist itself cannot take care of this, why do you need to consult a hygienist? Some dentists do carry out this task as well. However, it is well understood in the dental industry that a hygienist is specially trained to carry out scaling and polishing and also can professionally teach you exactly how you need to take care of your teeth.

The hygienist will precisely remove any deposits that build up on your teeth, which will prevent gum diseases. They will also recommend what you need to do to avoid tooth decay, which usually involves changing what you eat.

You can also have fluoride, antibacterial gels and solutions applied which will help prevent gum disease.

Even though you visit just a dentist, you may not get the important or precise advice you need to hear. If you are a person who smokes, gum disease is a danger to you. Your hygienist will most likely ask you to stop smoking. Smoking usually becomes a habit which is hard to give up. Just because some person warns you to stop smoking, it is not an easy task to do. Our group of hygienists will even tell you methods you can follow to stop smoking and will provide you the motivation you need.

Come consult our hygienists to obtain tips about dental hygiene that you normally cannot obtain from your dentist.

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