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Why Having A Family Dentist For All Is A Sound Idea?

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People who visit the dental clinic regularly end up decreasing the risks of teeth and gum problems. Although both general and family dentists undergo the same education and offer almost similar services, the main difference lies in that the former restricts their patients to a specific age group, while the latter specializes in dental needs for all ages. Family dentists can address oral health for everyone in your family, including teaching your toddler the proper way to brush, showing your teen how to clean their braces and identifying and filling your own cavities, all under one roof.

Comfort Factor

It’s important to be open with your dentist about any health problems you are experiencing and this becomes easier when you are sitting across a familiar face. Children who are continuing to see the same dentist since when they were younger feel more comfortable during the visits and are more trusting of treatment plans. Similarly, adults are just as appreciative of a personal and trusting relationship where they can talk openly about their dental health concerns and fears.

One Location

While children and adults have different dental health requirements, a family dentist provides comprehensive oral care for those with baby teeth to those with permanent ones saving you a lot of time, effort and money in the process. You no longer have to schedule different visits with different dentists to manage your entire family’s dental hygiene because whether a member requires cleaning, braces or implants, a family dentist can cater to all the different needs. 

Proactive Prevention

According to the American Dental Association, parents should take their child to the dentist either six months after the first tooth becomes visible or by their first birthday. A dentist who is familiar with your family’s oral health development from the beginning will be able to preempt any underlying problems across the board. In many cases, family dentists have more experience working with teens and children, which is why they better educate them on how to avoid general and severe oral problems. At the same time, family dentists can offer a wide range of preventive care and restorative services to the parents of their younger patients so they can continue to maintain healthy teeth and attractive smiles as well.

Positive Role Model

Children are susceptible to other people’s behaviors, especially their parents, which is why having a family dentist will encourage the entire household to undergo regular dental checkups together. While many are not motivated to visit the dentist in the first place, having a participator definitely makes the task easier. When a child walks into a dental clinic for cleaning and knows their parent has a scaling session right after them, they will be more convinced of treating any future dental hygiene problems in a timely manner.

Accurate Records

When your entire family visits one dentist for several years, it calls for consistent and accurate record-keeping of x-rays, consultations and treatment plans. Family dentists make sure that they keep detailed dental health records for each household member, including notes on any allergies, sensitivities and other special needs. This information enables the doctor to monitor any changes in your teeth, gums and surrounding tissue and be on the lookout for any irregularities and abnormalities such as overcrowding and receding gums. Furthermore, if your family dentist comes across a specialist issue, like a lesion in the mouth, they can refer you to a specialist for further evaluation.

Family dentists in Dubai offer a range of services to people of all ages, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of being referred to other oral health specialists. Having the same dentist for your entire family will not only make it easy to detect any oral health problems, but also prevent them from becoming a serious concern.

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