dental implants

Why Dental Implants?


Are you tired of wearing dentures on a daily basis? Are you tired of having to chew food slowly or avoiding food that needs that need extra effort while chewing? Have you started to notice that as of lately, your cheeks are looking a little sunken in, due to the gap in your teeth towards the end of your jaw? Are you simply afraid to take the first step towards getting your tooth replaced in a more permanent way so that you could get on with your life without worry, insecurities or caution?

Dental implants in Dubai surely, are the best solution for you. Not only are they a reliable mode of replacement for loss of teeth in your mouth but they also help you to restore the youthful appearance to your face. Not only will it prevent you from having an aged look, but it will also help you to eat better, to smile freely and not worry about cleaning out your dentures on a daily basis, or worse forgetting your dentures from time to time, as you can simply toss them away once you’ve got implants!

The procedure is efficient, and could be done within a couple of visits. Our dentists will guide you the process after an initial examination as to if you’re the ideal candidate for this procedure. They will assess your medic al history, any other complications and present medical conditions, in deciding whether this procedure is safe for you, as we put your safety first.

You must not undermine the advantage of having this service so accessibly here in Dubai, as flying abroad to get the same process done, would not only be quite expensive, but it will also be hectic as you would have to organize accommodation, air tickets and keep visiting back and forth as after the titanium posts are fitted in to your teeth, you need to revisit the hospital in around two weeks, depending on how soon you’ve healed to get the artificial teeth fitted in.

These teeth are not just replacements as they truly do not stand out from your teeth, and will be produced to match the original color of your teeth, along with length, size and overall shape, so that they will not look visible to the naked eye. This procedure is also fit for a patient of any age, and our professionals are sure to guide you through each step of it, comforting you if you feel uneasy and discomforted. You will be given anesthesia as this process is a quite invasive and the posts which are fitted directly into the gum could cause minute feelings of discomfort.

This treatment is performed on hundreds each day and is quite a safe and successful procedure to try out if you want to regain that flawless smile you’ve always wanted.