Why Dental Crowns Are A Long Lasting Dental Solution

dental crowns

Do you have unsightly or badly chipped teeth? Did you know that dental crowns can help hide these irregularities? If you are embarrassed to go out in public because of this or afraid to smile because you might get laughed at, it is time to do something about it. Dental crowns restore chipped teeth and change your appearance in the process. Dental crowns in Dubai are placed over misshapen or chipped teeth as customized coves to restore its size, look, feel and color

All About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of misshapen, crooked or stained teeth. It can also restore your smile giving you the confidence you need to feel good about yourself.

100% Natural

Dental crowns look as natural as your original teeth. Since it’s made of porcelain it mimics the translucency and luster of natural teeth. Dental crowns in Dubai not only help replace crooked or missing teeth, it also gives the impression that it is 100% natural.

Stain Resistant

If your natural teeth have been stained from coffee and tea, you can be certain that dental crowns will not stain and are in fact resistant to stain.

No Shifting or Sliding

Dental crowns unlike dentures do not slip. They stay in place and do not slide. Dental crowns in Dubai are fixed to the damaged tooth, and a dental bridge anchors it in place. You don’t have to worry about your teeth suddenly looking shifting or sliding.

Comfort & Pain Free

Dental crowns protect your teeth in the long run. It is like putting a cover over the tooth and keeping it safe and in place for a long time. The cover also protects against any buildup of plaque and decay. Dental crowns are stable and offer comfort. It is a superior choice which causes no discomfort or irritation to the gums.

Be Confident

Dental crowns in Dubai will give you the confidence you need to go out in public and smile again. Show off that stunning smile to everyone, there is nothing holding you back now.

Long Lasting

Dental crowns are durable and long lasting. Crowns can last more than a decade depending on how well you care for them. You can have your crowns in tact as long as you don’t put too much pressure by clenching or grinding your teeth.

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