Veneers Dubai

What makes German Dental Clinic the best in Dubai

Open any fashion or beauty magazine, switch on the television or browse the web… you would see a multitude of glamorous stars flashing their million dollar smiles. Their gleaming pearly whites, perfectly proportioned with not a sign of chipping, staining or breaking in sight, as seen in most normal people, might even make you feel inadequate about your not-so-perfect teeth. This would be a sentiment shared by most people who don’t have perfect teeth, which would be quite a large percentage of the population actually.

However, now there is no need to go through life, feeling inadequate about the lack of star power in one’s smile. If you were not born with good teeth and an attractive smile, you can still create them through cosmetic dentistry.

Yes, that’s right! Cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry can give anyone a dazzling smile and one of the most popular ways to do so is through veneers. These are paper-thin layers made of porcelain or resin and placed covering the front surface of teeth like an outer shell to improve its appearance.

Perfect Dental Solutions:

They offer the perfect solution for crooked teeth or teeth with spaces in between due to teeth being malposition. Those with yellowish, discolored, broken, chipped and worn out teeth can also benefit from veneers. Since they are custom-built, they will suit each person and match the color, shape, size or length of a person’s teeth.

The German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic is one of the most trusted dental clinics when it comes to veneers in Dubai. It has become the leader in this area by providing the most satisfactory services to its clients, each time, every time.

Treatment Methods:

Although the Clinic has earned a much envied reputation for its veneers, this, by no means, is the only service it offers its clientele. It leads from the front with regard to treatments for Temporomandibular Joint disorders. An exact reason for the disorder hasn’t been identified yet. The symptoms could vary from excessive pain in the jaw joint, neck and face; stiffness in the jaw muscle; swallowing difficulties; heavy snoring to jaw movements becoming limited; jaw-locking; the upper and lower teeth not closing properly; painful clicking, popping or grating feeling in the jaw joint while opening or closing the mouth; ringing in the ears and migraine headaches.

Just like the causes and symptoms, the methods of treatment for TMJ could also vary. This is why you need to consult experienced and qualified dentists such as those from the German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic to attend to you as years of practice have made them the best that Dubai’s dental scene has to offer.

Dental implants in Dubai are another area where the Clinic has proved its mettle. Dental implants come in as the ideal solution for missing teeth and are made to match a person’s natural teeth and lay down a strong base for teeth which are either fixed (permanent) or removable (can be replaced). They offer many benefits over the more conventional dentures which have to removed and cleaned often. Implants are stronger, more natural and become permanent after some time as they fuse with the bone unlike dentures which sometimes tend to slip and wobble, which makes it difficult for wearers to get a good grip with their teeth.

Host of Services:

These are not the only dental issues for which the answers are found at German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic. Periodontics (gum disease), maxillofacial surgery, sleep apnea, orthodontics, sterilization and endodontic/root canal treatments are just a few of the areas which it specializes in. It has gained a reputation across Dubai as its services are provided in the most high-tech and hygienic facilities by the most qualified dentists available, utilizing the most advanced methods of treatment available in the field of dentistry.

These factors are sure to enable the German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic to maintain its top position as one of the leading dental clinics in Dubai for years to come.