What Makes Dental Veneers So Effective?

Irrelevant of age everyone deals with chipping and breakage of teeth. The entire tooth coming off could be dealt with through the use of dental implants, however traditionally when a piece of the teeth comes off, dentists removed the tooth in its entirety just to replace it with a dental implant. However with present advancements in technology veneers in Dubai have never been as widely popular!

These are the perfect remedy for those who are in a situation where they wish to realign their teeth and have lost a part of their tooth. These are porcelain shell casings which are custom made to suit your needs by our extremely skilled professionals, make the casings blend in flawless with your natural teeth, despite shades and forms. The procedure could even be performed within one visit and these are called “non-Prep veneers” whereas the usual procedure would take around two visits and this is because our team of dentists would need to analyze the teeth structure and prepare methodically for the procedure rather than directly fitting the casings on to the teeth.

The procedure is completely painless and a rather topical process where some plaque will be removed from the teeth to ensure that the casing is fitted in a way in which it’s invisible to the naked eye! The principal benefit of this procedure is that it is permanent and if proper care is taken, such as by avoiding food that tends to cause teeth to stain such as coffee, you are able to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

Most casings are also made in a manner in which, for those who are dealing with misaligned or crooked teeth, by placing perfectly shaped or elongated casings, they are able to have the perfect smile they’ve always wanted!

If you also have minute gaps between your teeth which cannot be altered by braces, or are on the lookout for a process which takes less time to see results, this procedure is perfect for as it is almost instantaneous too! Even if you opt to go for a teeth bleaching or any other cosmetic process, our dentists will advice you as to how they can proceed in a manner which will not make your veneers stand out. Our dentists are able to match these dental casings to any shade as needed, and the post-procedure process is non-exhaustive. The overall procedure only takes up to 2 hours, making this treatment perfect for those with a busy work schedule too.


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