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What Are The Top Causes Of Jaw Problems In Children?

Jaw disorders are commonly seen among children due to overexertion of the jaw muscles. When the health of jaw muscles and ligaments deteriorates, these problems arise, causing discomfort and pain to children. This article will delve into the top causes of jaw problems in children and the measures you can take to treat the condition.

Jaw Problems In Children

You can see jaw problems in children and young teenagers with dysfunction and pain in the jaw and facial muscles. Among these, TMJ is considered the top jaw problem, where the line connecting the lower jaw to the skull gets affected. The condition can vary from mild to severe. In the former case, the condition can be treated at home. Physical therapy, dental treatments, or surgery has to be performed upon your family dentist’s suggestion if your child is experiencing severe pain and discomfort.

Jaw problems can be developed due to stress, trauma, and congenital jaw deformities leading to TMD (temporomandibular disorders). Below are a few types of jaw problems that can be seen among children for various reasons.

TMJ – This is the most common jaw condition that can be seen in people, irrespective of age. The problem can cause pain in the head, neck, shoulders, face, and jaw area, along with clicking sounds and jaw locks in sudden situations.

Cleft Palate – This is a congenital condition where the mouth roof does not entirely join during pregnancy. In certain babies, both front and back parts of the palate can be left open. Surgery is required in this situation to treat the condition.

Dental Malocclusions – Misalignment of teeth can also lead to jaw problems in children. Jaw clenching and periodontal diseases can cause this, leading to poor jaw conditions.

Common Symptoms Of Jaw Problems

Referring to the following signs and symptoms, you can check whether your child is going through a problematic jaw.

  • Difficulty in opening and closing mouth
  • Jaw pain and fatigue
  • Chronic headaches
  • Locked jaws
  • Asymmetric jaw openings
  • Pain and swelling in the jaw area
  • Popping or clicking sounds in the jaw
  • Earaches

If your child has these symptoms, you may need to visit a dental clinic for an extensive diagnosis.

Top Causes For Jaw Problems In Children

While the causes for a problematic jaw can vary from person to person, the following can be identified as the top reasons behind jaw problems in children.

  • Teeth clenching and grinding
  • Stress or anxiety issues
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Trauma to the jaw or the face
  • Malignancy
  • Dental malocclusions
  • Cleft palate
  • Tooth abscess

It is essential to identify the reason behind your child’s jaw problem and obtain treatment to cure the condition. Warm and cold compressors, mouthguards, splinters, therapeutic exercises, pain relievers, and surgeries are the treatment types available for jaw diseases.

Visit our clinic for a comprehensive oral examination and receive viable treatment from the best orthodontists to cure your child’s problems. It is essential to remember the importance of your child’s oral health and avoid situations that cause general and mental health disturbances. Contact us and reserve your appointment to obtain the best care and help from our German dentists.

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