Understanding Endodontics In 3 Points

Though we certainly don’t expect our clients and the community to know every little thing about dental care, we think it’s important that they’re at the least aware of which branch does what. In other words, what is each speciality responsible for? What services can be expected under them all? Which dental problems classifies under which branch? Why do I need to book an orthodontic specialist dubai?

Why we think this is important, is because we not only want to ensure a healthy community in Dubai as a whole, but also a more educated one on the subject of oral hygiene and dental care. The more you know, the better you’re able to prevent the onslaught of diseases. You also get to raise the next generation with the right oral hygiene habits and better knowledge. All of which help contribute to better dental health.

On that note, allow us to elaborate on the topic of endodontics, one that not many are familiar with. Though the name sounds formidable, we’ve simplified things for you, so it’s easy to understand.




Just like personality is more important than looks, when it comes to dental care, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. There’s really no use sporting pearly-white, shiny teeth on the outside, if the inside is decaying and riddled with cavities. Endodontics is related to both the pulp and nerves of your teeth. Of course treatment is painful because of this, but it ensures that your tooth is taken care of from the inside out. Many things can affect the inside of a tooth, including accidents and injuries, and if any trauma is present, it needs to be taken care of immediately as infection can set in and spread.




The next important thing to note about endodontics is that it helps prevent any potential complications in their tracks. The primary risk is the formation of an abscess at the root of the tooth, which isn’t a very pleasant experience at all. By seeking endodontic treatment with cracked or decayed teeth, you’re ensuring any openings and grounds for an abscess are closed. In event of such a case, remember you can’t go ahead with treatment like veneers dubai until the issue is completely resolved and healed.




As anyone who’s had an extraction will tell you, it’s always smart to opt for a solution that doesn’t involve extraction. Fortunately, endodontics offers this alternative. Seeing as how enamel doesn’t grow back and once you lose an adult tooth it’s gone for good, it’s always best to try and retain your teeth for as long as possible. By thoroughly cleaning and restoring the inside of the tooth, you’re setting up the tooth’s working system again. After extraction, you may have to go in for dental implants which in itself is an extended procedure, another reason why seeking endodontics is a sensible idea.

Speak to us directly to find out more about endodontics and what an orthodontic specialist dubai does, and how both combined can help contribute to improved oral health.