Tooth Decays: Fight Them At The Earliest


We take care of our skin on a daily basis and sometimes, multiple times a day. But do we pay the least bit of this care to our oral health? Majority of them would answer no, because of how their teeth look from the exterior. 

One of the major faults we all make is paying the very least bit of attention to our dental care. And we end up suffering for this in the future when these tooth-related issues find its way to us. And when they finally do, we end up spending much more than what was required to take care of it in the first place. You can avoid this by visiting your dentist in Dubai, at least twice a year to make sure your teeth just like your health is doing well. Let us go through some of the basic dental care tips we can adopt at the earliest to remain risk-free:

Take Care Of The Baby Teeth:
When your child’s first teeth begin to erupt in their mouth, your concerns will slowly start pouring in about giving them the right dental care and also ensuring that their teeth remain healthy, clean and cavity-free. Proper dental care for kids involves more than just brushing your child’s teeth every day. It also involves knowing the right overall dental hygiene, so that you can teach your child how to care for their own teeth throughout their lifetime. Take your child to your dentist so that they’ll help you in giving you certain tips about their dental care if you’re unaware. This will make them aware of the tooth-related issues right from the beginning and also create a sense of fear if they forget to brush their teeth or take care of them. 

Healthy Foods:
Your child will easily get attracted to all the snacks that are harmful to their sensitive teeth. Avoiding sugary drinks and foods not only helps overall health but it can create a discussion about cavities. But you as a parent should understand how to tackle the situation well without completely cutting down their snack eating habit. But this can be done gradually if you find them depending on these snacks much more than usual. Start by limiting these snacks and adding more healthy food to their plate. This way your child will be able to balance. Your dentist will also create a list of healthy foods that will be good for your child to consume for a better set of teeth in the future. With the consumption of healthy foods, your child’s teeth will get the right amount of nutrients and proteins by keeping them strong.  

Keep Away Germs:
Although it is quite common to share your utensils with each other when living together, make sure you avoid this in order to keep the germs away. Your kid will tend to put almost everything in their mouth without checking if it’s clean, so you as a parent should make sure this doesn’t happen. It is necessary to wash everything well before using it again, even if it has been shared by another member of the house. This will reduce the number of germs that have been transferred around each other. So, be aware of sharing utensils, sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers or other items with your kids or even allowing them to be shared with others. Bacteria in our mouths can be passed to each other and this isn’t healthy. Also, be sure to sanitize all items that may be in your baby’s mouth to prevent bacterial infections such as thrush.

Are you facing any tooth related issues? If yes, make sure you visit our dentist in Dubai today. 

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