Tiny Tooth Troubles: Pediatric Dental Issues And Solutions

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Health habits must start at home. Just like your parents before you, every day you might be trying to instil good habits in your children. One of the important things a child must learn right from an early age is to take care of their dental hygiene and health. However, as a parent, you have the responsibility to pay attention to your child’s dental needs at a very young age.

Taking your child to a dental clinic from an early age is a great way to get him or her get used to the idea of meeting with a pediatric doctor. Chances for dental decay are high right from the time a child’s first teeth appear. Even though the primary teeth fall off, they play a key role in the child’s food habits during his/her early ages. Teeth also play a significant role in helping a child develop proper speech. Apart from all these, your childé beautiful and healthy smile is always the best thing you could see every day. Hence, it is important to take care of your child’s oral health right from when their first teeth appear.


Understanding children’s dental problems


Dental problems in children might worry parents a lot. While these problems are treatable and can be prevented easily, it still troubles the young moms and dads to see their children suffer from toothaches and such.


Early age tooth decay

One of the most common teeth problem seen in infants and toddlers who use baby bottles is tooth decay. As kids suck on their baby bottles, it causes a disease called childhood tooth disease called caries, by exposing their teeth to surgery drinks for longer hours. The bacteria present in the child’s mouth will thrive on this sugar, leading to tooth decay. If a baby sleeps with a mouthful of breast milk or formula, chances are that the sugar in the food will pave way for tooth decay. Advanced stages of childhood tooth decay might lead to other dental issues like overcrowding or misaligned teeth at a later age.


In order to avoid early age tooth decay, avoid giving sugary drinks or milk as a comforter to your baby at all times. Try using a pacifier or plain drinking water instead. After feeding your baby, make sure to make him or her drink water to wash away the sugary residues in their mouth. Avoid putting your baby to bed with a sugary drink like milk. Instead, try using a pacifier. Once your baby is big enough to use a sipper cup, stop using the feeding bottles to avoid the contact between sugary drinks and the teeth.


Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is a very common habit seen in children. It gives them a sense of security and comfort during their growing stages. However, it can be an issue once the permanent teeth start growing. Thumb sucking usually leads to misaligned teeth. It can also affect their speech if left unchecked.

As thumb sucking doesn’t interfere with your child’s oral health till their permanent teeth start growing, the decision to stop thumb sucking must come from the children themselves. Consult your child’s pediatric doctor for guidance. The best way is to gently reprimand your kid when he or she sucks their thumb after a certain age. Try offering rewards when they refrain from sucking thumb. Further, take your child for regular dental appointments at your nearest dental clinic in Dubai.

Premature tooth loss

Premature tooth loss in children is usually due to tooth decay, injury or lack of adequate space in the jaw. The early tooth loss will lead to misaligned teeth in the future as they tip or shift the surrounding teeth leaving no space for the new, permanent tooth. The permanent teeth that erupt will have trouble adjusting to space, leading to crooked teeth. Apart from impairing your child’s speech development, premature tooth loss can also lead to chewing issues and TMJ condition.

Your child’s pediatric doctor will be able to provide space maintainers for him or her in case of premature teeth loss. Space maintainers are special plastic or metallic holder that holds the space left open by a lost tooth. When the permanent tooth emerges, the dentist will remove the spacer, allowing the teeth to grow.

Children are curious little people. By introducing them to good dental habits and regularly visiting your dental clinic in Dubai, you can easily cultivate healthy oral practices in your child and prevent teeth problems.

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