The Process Of Getting Same Day Dental Implants

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In the world that is quickly evolving, solutions that render instant results are a general expectation for everyone, and dentistry has taken up this challenge as well. Same-day implants are now available for patients who need personalized crowns to be created for one tooth or a whole set of teeth. This is made possible with the help of CEREC technology that provides CAD/CAM restorations in one hour. To reap the benefits of this innovative technology, listed below is all the information you need to know about same-day dental implant procedures. 

Understanding Suitability

As amazing as this technological solution is, it is not always feasible to use this form of treatment for all patients due to their prior oral health conditions. To understand if the procedure is best for you, your implantologist will take X-ray and CT scans that will provide more information on the status and placement of your teeth. 

Upon thorough diagnosis through these methods, your dentist will ask you about your medical conditions and other oral disorders. These health issues can impact the placement of the implants and can displace them easily as is true for patients suffering bruxism, a severe teeth grinding condition. Any prior implants or surgeries will also be taken into consideration to underst your suitability.

The Process

If you have been deemed as a good candidate for this procedure, your implantologist will begin with applying local anesthesia to the area where the implants will be placed. The surgery to place the implant post will then begin. Implant posts are required to be inserted into your jawbone to hold the dental implants in place. You will not feel any discomfort and pain until after the anesthesia wears off, after which painkillers will be prescribed for any pain that persists after the treatment. 

Once the implant post has been installed, the implants will be placed on the posts for completion. The surgical process continues as the CAD/CAM restorations are being produced by the CEREC technology. These porcelain implants look subtle and natural like your own teeth enamel color and can be made without the need for any dental impressions. Immediate results without the need of any temporary restorations are made possible with the new technology. 


This same-day implant procedure provides multiple benefits to the patient as well as the implantologist. The quick and feasible technology provides time-efficient results that ensures the entire procedure is completed at a fast pace. For individuals that have demanding professions and need fast solutions to their dental problems, this is a perfect fit. 

Same-day implants also save time spent on teeth restoration procedures as the traditional ones require a bigger time investment from the very beginning. Furthermore, no extra time needs to be spent adjusting to missing or ground teeth and you can also avoid temporary replacements. The gums surrounding the implant can also grow in a more comfortable manner which will make the entire procedure more beneficial and easier for you. 

By learning more about the benefits that a same-day implant procedure can offer for your teeth and gums, you can make an informed decision when visiting your implantologist. Contact our team of professionals at The German Dental Clinic and get started on the treatment today. 

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