The Importance Of Functional Dentistry In Your Life

Functional Dentistry

Everybody seeks a natural, white, and perfect smile but it takes consistency to maintain healthy teeth and gums to achieve such a smile. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and of course, regular visits to your orthodontist are all part of keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Dental visits have for the most part involved a number of conventional practices, however, today you have the option of considering functional dentistry. The difference between the two lies in the treatment process of any dental issue.  A tried and tested form of holistic dentistry emphasizes on the relationship that exists between the oral cavity and the body. 

What is Traditional Dentistry?

Traditional dentistry is based on hundreds of years of science and research, which is why people have always considered it as the preferred and best-suited option for their dental needs. It includes the regular flossing, brushing, using a mouthwash, and having a bi-yearly check-up where your teeth are professionally cleaned by experts. This style of dentistry focuses more on finding the probable cause and having it treated using medical interventions to avoid any complications. 

What Is Functional Dentistry?

People today are constantly on the lookout for healthier options in every aspect of their lives. While traditional dentists focus on the who and the what part of the treatment process, functional dentists give a lot more importance to the how. They inform us that since each individual’s oral health is interconnected with their overall health, it is necessary to uncover any underlying issues which can be the cause. This is not limited to lifestyle choices but also includes evaluating your diet intake. 

The Benefits of Functional Dentistry

Visits are less about immediate probing, filling cavities, or performing root canals and more about thoroughly examining the patient’s eating and lifestyle habits. Just like if your body works optimally if you eat a well-balanced diet, your teeth retain strength when they are treated with durable and non-toxic fillings, bridges and crowns. As more light is being shed on how mercury and other dental materials are causing more harm than good, functional dentists are opting to use biocompatible options like tooth-colored resin. 

Similarly, functional dentists are keener to use digital radiography because it doesn’t require chemical processing, which is better for the environment and your body as it only exposes you to about 20% of the radiation. While functional dentists do apply conventional dental methods, they devote a lot more time educating you on the importance of maintaining overall health in conjunction with proper oral care. A lot of effort and energy is invested in preventing possible consequences from occurring in the future. 

The educational aspect of functional dentistry makes it a perfect style of dentistry that appeals to every age group as it avoids the need of having unnecessary procedures conducted. The healing is more holistic and presents dentistry in a new light, addressing how it can be approached across all generations. 

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