The Benefit of Veneers

Veneers are at present a very popular cosmetic treatment. But are you still afraid to give it a go?

Fear not!

It’s perfectly safe and is a procedure widely performed by dentists in Dubai with many of them performing surgeries for over 15 years!

If you have been struggling with jagged teeth and are tired of going in for fillings which keep breaking off or have crooked teeth and want that picture perfect smile you’ve always wanted, veneers are perfect for you! Not only is this procedure suited for you if you want to correct your misshapen teeth but it can also help you to straighten out your teeth.

Is a busy work schedule keeping you from getting this treatment? The good news is that you could get this done within one or two visits. Non-Prep veneers are designed for your convenience as your dentist will be able to complete the procedure with just one visit, or two at the most, saving you both time and money!

Are you worried that you won’t fit the description of an ideal candidate for this treatment? One of the many benefits include that there is no age limit, even though children below 15 are not encouraged to go ahead with this treatment, this is  also suitable for anyone who has chipped or broken teeth.

Even if you have any other cosmetic surgery performed, such as teeth bleaching/ whitening, your dentist will be able to make customized veneers to match the shade of your teeth. If you are concerned about having stained teeth and the veneers being to white, making them stand out in an unnatural way, your dentist could make veneers to match the shade of your natural teeth too!

If you are tired of teeth whitening procedures and dental fillings which are temporary, and wear off after a couple of months, veneers are ideal for you as they are permanent! If you take the right care and follow all the instructions provided by your dentist after the surgery, you’re guaranteed to be able to use your veneers permanently. These are merely thin porcelain casings which are placed over your teeth, and you won’t even feel that there are present after the procedure and will be able to resume all your day to day activities, even though special attention should be taken when you eat food that could be hard, such as candy or steak or brush your teeth rigorously.

If you feel like braces are not for you and feel like your teeth need realigning because you have gaps between your teeth, veneers could help you widen your teeth, leaving them looking natural, while at the same time filling out those gaps!

There is simply no better deal, to have that Hollywood smile than through veneers! So why not invest in them now?