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People often cringe when they think of visiting a dentist. They relate it to all things uncomfortable. The easy way to making dentists seem friendly and approachable is by building a healthy relationship between you and your dentist. This is easily taken care of through regular visits to your dentist in Dubai.

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis is important for your dental health. Although most of us brush and floss our teeth daily, chances of having a dental issue are higher in today’s lifestyle. Sugary and sticky foods can cause the buildup of tartar and lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Tooth decays when left untreated can cause deep pulp decays and kick-start gum diseases.

In short, one thing can lead to another if your dental care regime is not proper.


Family Dentists in Dubai specialize in general oral care, which includes, cleaning, filling, sealants, crowns and bridges, and root canal treatments. For maintaining healthy teeth and body, they recommend you to follow these simple oral health rules –


  1. Visit your family dentist at least once in 6 months for scaling and cleaning your teeth. This can remove all the tartar and calcium build up on your teeth and keep them clean and plaque free.


  1. Take your child for a dental appointment twice in a year from the age of 3 and up.


  1. If plaque or tooth cavities appear on the molars in your child or teenager’s molar, ask your dentist for a remedy. Your dentist will recommend the use of tooth sealants to seal the molar cavities after cleaning them.


  1. Eat healthy food for maintaining your general health. Remember to always wash your mouth after every meal and especially after consuming sugary drinks or teeth. Use a fluoride toothpaste for strengthening your enamel and avoiding tooth decays according to your dentist’s recommendation.


  1. Do not brush your teeth too hard using your toothbrush as this can erode the enamel. Use a soft bristled brush to gently brush your teeth. Change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.


  1. For healthy teeth, quit smoking as this can cause staining of your teeth as well as bacterial build up inside your mouth. Cigarette smoking can cause tooth decays or gum diseases as well as leave you with very bad breath.


  1. If you accidentally break your teeth, immediately see your family doctor to ascertain the seriousness of your injury. In the case of small chipping, your teeth can be repaired with a tooth filling. If your broken tooth has injured the pulp, then you will need a root canal treatment to retain your natural tooth.


  1. In case you notice unusual bleeding of the gum or swelling in the gum, consult your dentist immediately for a thorough checkup. If left untreated, gum diseases can lead to loss of teeth.


When it comes to dental care, prevention is always better than cure. Following good dental practices as recommended by your family dentist will help keep dental issues at bay and save you from painful and expensive dental procedures.


Good dental practices and regular visits to your family dentist in Dubai can help you and your family’s smile intact.

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