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Sweet Tooth: Treat Your Child’s Cavity Issues

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Parents should always make sure that they tend to their child’s teeth on a daily basis to avoid tooth-related issues. Otherwise, it can lead to tooth aches and decays in the future. It’s said that children suffer from tooth decay more than any other issue during their early childhood and it can progress into a bigger problem if not treated immediately. But even so, there are few remedies and practices that the parents can try at home to ensure their child’s dental health. 

How To Know If Your Child Is At Risk?

These tooth related issues like tooth decay or cavities are more among young children. Our dentist in Dubai claims that this is known to be one of the most common dental problems found in young children. The basic assumption a parent tends to make when their kids encounter tooth issue is the lack of brushing and flossing. Although this is true, there are some tooth decays that are caused by a set of specific germs that spreads easily. This is dangerous for the entire family as it tends to spread and stays for a lifetime. Although it is true that a few kids are at a higher risk of getting cavities, there are chances that all children can get them. 

Limit Sugar
One of the most important points to remember about keeping away cavities is to make sure you limit the consumption of sugar for your child. If your teeth are repeatedly exposed to sugar, then your mouth will find it difficult to produce saliva which is the natural tooth cleanser. Although parents think that candy is the main culprit for cavities, starchy carbohydrates like cereal also play a role in this. 

Feed Some Fluoride To their Teeth

Although fluoride is not required for kids below the age 3 as they will end up swallowing it, it is suggested to give your kids water that is fluoridated, to prevent decay. 

Reduce Certain Drinks

There was another term for tooth decay and cavities among young children, which was called ‘baby bottle tooth decay’. And this is because parents tend to overfeed their babies with breast milk or juice overnight which leads to these sugars to rest on the teeth for a long time. Our dentist in Dubai also claims that the fruit juice and breast milk, even though they are healthy, contains a high amount of sugar which is bad for the child’s teeth.  

Protect Your Teeth First
If you are a victim of dental issues then you have to make sure that you take measures to prevent it from spreading to your children. There are high chances of your child acquiring them from you when you share utensils, toothbrushes or even letting them put their fingers in your mouth. Talk to our dentist in Dubai to give you a solution in order to prevent the transmission of your dental issue to your children. Also maintaining healthy nutrition during pregnancy can strengthen your baby’s tooth enamel. 

As a parent, the most important thing you should do is teaching your kids about good oral hygiene. If you find any further issues with their teeth, visit our dentist in Dubai for a checkup. 


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