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A woman goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and with this, they should change their regular lifestyle habits to something more healthier and better. This phase comes with a lot of responsibility and the most important one is being responsible for your health overall.

A woman’s body is more prone to diseases related to gums and teeth during this pregnancy period and if not treated or tended to, will progress further. So when you continue to neglect your oral health, it’s not just you who gets affected but the baby as well, so consider being extra cautious. 

Our dentist claims that it is vital to take care of your teeth and your gums during this precious period as there are chances it’ll affect the optimal health of your developing baby. If there is an increase in tooth decay and gum diseases, then it indirectly linked to your pregnancy because of certain deficiencies in your body. Let us go through some of the ways on how pregnancy can affect the oral health of the mother:

Nutrient Deficiencies: Increased Risk Of Tooth Issues

As you all know, a mother’s body is the home to the baby developing inside her, so all the intake consumed by the mother is directly transferred to the baby. With this, every nutrient and minerals taken in the form of vegetables and fruits or anything else is given to the baby first than being stored in her own body. This leads to the mom being nutrient deficient, thereby increasing her chances of undergoing tooth related issues. 

Your teeth require enough nutrients and minerals to remain strong and healthy, and when this isn’t supplied to them in adequate quantities, there are high chances of the mother being highly under the risk of getting cavities or gum diseases. In order to avoid this, our dentist says that you should be ultra conscious about your diet by consuming highly nutritious food that will be sufficient for both your baby and you. 

Gum Disease

Since the mother is facing nutrient deficiency, the mouth becomes more prone to germs entering the gums and working on your gum line. They start eating it up slowly, increasing the depth of the gum pockets. This is why you must’ve noticed why most women have gum pocket depths during pregnancy. Due to the hormonal shifts that happen during pregnancy and because of the nutrient deficits combined, makes you the perfect victim for gum disease. Initially, you will have periodontitis which is the first stage of gum disease and should be treated at the earliest by our dentist at our dental clinic.

Long-Term Enamel Damage 

During pregnancy, you must’ve had extreme sickness and these are common, especially in the morning. Constant vomiting on an empty stomach produces strong acids, and thus the most affected part from these acids are your teeth. They are repeatedly exposed to these strong acids almost every morning, putting them under great risk. This can cause a lot of damage and also affect the long-term health of your teeth. You can talk to our dentist to help you with this who’ll give you some medications that won’t affect your pregnancy and helps you secure the health of your teeth and gums. 

By sticking to a healthy diet and changing your health pattern during this period, can make your body and your teeth extremely under good condition. Get in touch with our dentist in Dubai to know more about tooth and gum related issues.


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