Smile a Pretty Smile – Veneers to the Rescue

Unfortunate moments happen out of the blue. The first time you broke or chipped your tooth would have been horrifying for you as it was totally unexpected. For the next few days, you regret your actions that lead to the chipping and contemplate on whether or not it’s worth going to see a dentist. You might have thought cosmetic dentistry in Dubai as something that is costly and not worth the time, effort and money. But is it so in reality?

When you consult experts in Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai and discuss your options, you will get to know that Porcelain Dental Veneers are a great choice for your broken tooth. They are fairly affordable and will give your teeth a complete makeover making your smile look better than ever.

So here is a list of benefits that show the bright side of veneers-


Fix Your chipped and broken tooth

Veneers are the perfect one-time solution for your chipped and broken tooth. A chipped tooth is not just unattractive, as they can also be a nuisance by scratching the inside of your mouth causing bruises. By placing porcelain veneers over your teeth you can easily cover up the sharp and crooked ends and thereby bring your old smile back and stop harming yourself.


Whiten Your Smile

After years of drinking caffeinated beverages, smoking cigarettes or eating the wrong kind of foods, your teeth are sure to turn an unattractive shade of yellow. Stained enamel has to be bleached frequently, but without a lifestyle change, they are highly likely to get stained again. Porcelain dental veneers are largely stain-resistant and will not get discoloured like natural teeth. In short, veneers are an easy way out from frequent teeth whitening.


Minor cosmetic adjustments

With the advancement of cosmetic dentistry, slightly crooked or gapped teeth are sometimes corrected by using veneers. As veneers are attached to the front of your teeth surface, they basically camouflage minor orthodontic problems.


Protect the enamel

The enamel on our teeth is strong but not indestructible. They are often worn down from overzealous brushing or frequent consumption of highly acidic foods and drinks. Veneers can provide excellent protection against enamel abrasion and erosion.


Easy to care for

Veneers can be taken care of just the way you do with your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing daily can help reduce tartar and plaque buildup. Regular visits to your dentist are also suggested for maintaining healthy looking dentures.

Less Invasive

Perhaps the most favourable thing about dental veneers is that they are very less invasive compared to all other dental restoration methods. Only a small portion of the front surface is taken off to create room for veneers. Further, the process doesn’t require any anaesthesia.


Dentists fabricate a veneer according to the size of your teeth. After removing a thin layer of your teeth, an impression of the teeth is taken for designing a dental veneer in the shape and colour of your natural teeth. After fitting the veneers using resin cement to your natural teeth, regular cleaning and checkups help to maintain them in perfect condition.

To know more about the cosmetic dentistry procedures available in Dubai for your dental issues, consult your dentistry today.

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