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Same Day Dental Implants… New Teeth in a day!

Same Day Dental Implant

Teeth in a day is an advanced dental implant treatment, providing a permanent solution for patients with any missing teeth. This single-session treatment has transformed the lives of many by restoring their smiles in the course of just one day.
While traditional implant treatments normally take several months to be completed, including a lengthy recovery period, same-day implants allow for significantly shorter treatments and faster recovery periods.
What other benefits does Same Day Implant provide?

Less Waiting After Extractions

Missing teeth can lead to deterioration of bones and gums, including jaw-bone deterioration, which may result in undesirable changes to the face’s shape.
Therefore, the sooner an implant is placed after an extraction, the better.

Patients usually need multiple tooth extractions prior to the implant procedure and this is often done through multiple treatment stages. However, with same-day implants, there is no waiting period between extraction and implantation, allowing the period of treatment to often be narrowed to the course of just one surgical appointment. It also eliminates the need for patients to wear an uncomfortable partial or full denture while their implants heal.

Faster Healing Time

Unlike traditional tooth implants that require up to six months of healing for full functionality, the average healing time with same-day implant is just six to twelve weeks. Moreover, a temporary tooth is provided to patients prior to the day of implementation, giving them the freedom to eat and drink without worry, before the implants have completely fused to the jawbones and the permanent crowns have been placed.

The Gums Fit the Crown

In addition, same-day implants are more straightforward and allow for the gums to grow around the crown better. This is assuming the procedure is successful, given same-day implants have a 70% success rate compared to standard implants which have a 95% – 98% success rate. While the success rate of same-day implants is lower than that of standard implants, the procedural benefits far exceed those of standard implants, meaning better experiences for patients and faster results.

Natural Look

Since the crown is immediately attached to the titanium implant, it allows for the gum to grow around it, resulting in a more natural look, and eliminating the need for tissue remodeling.

With same-day dental implants, you will leave the day of your surgery with new teeth and a transformed smile.
One of the most commonly used same-day dental implant techniques is “All-on-Four.” It is the process where a complete arch of teeth is supported by just four dental implants, with the forces applied on the implants directed at an obtuse angle. With this procedure, bone grafting is usually unnecessary because the placement of the dental implants maximizes the use of available bone, specifically in areas where it is naturally thicker. This can help reduce costs for patients without compromising on the quality of the results.

Same Day Dental Implants Process

Prosthodontists, oral surgeons, lab technicians, and CT scan machines are all conveniently located in one place, allowing for your prosthodontist to design your new teeth while working closely with lab technicians.

On the day of your procedure, the oral surgeon and prosthodontist will perform the surgical aspect of the treatment and safely place the implants in your jaw.
What once took months can now be accomplished in a single day, allowing patients to walk in and out of the dental clinic with a new smile.
At the German Dental Clinic and Neuromuscular, our dentists highly qualified & experienced in performing countless dental treatments & surgeries. To book your consultation with our dentist please book using the link below.

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