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Reasons your crown fell out

Are you one of those people who happily chomped on a piece of candy you got from your sweetheart, and to your dismay find out that sweet delight that you just bit into has grabbed your dental crown that our dentist in Dubai put on your tooth a few days ago. This can be a ghastly experience, even a nightmare!

If your crown fell off, we mean your dental crown, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, it could happen to anyone and at any time, it is not a walk of shame. You not alone in this as we have many patients who lose their dental crowns and come to us feeling totally flustered. A crown that fell off is a common “emergency” to us. We will make sure to take you to our treatment rooms with a breathtaking view and make sure to have your crown placed perfectly.

However, you must be wondering what on earth made your crown fall off! In order to give our patient’s some insight as to why their crowns would fall off, here are some common reasons,

The tooth underneath the crown has decayed. What patient’s think when they get a crown is that their teeth are bullet-proof and absolutely nothing can harm or hurt them. Well, here’s the thing, crowned teeth are susceptible to decay and like it or not the cavities will form right at the junction of the crown and the tooth along the gum-line. Our dentist will evaluate the patient’s tooth to see if it is able to hold a new crown and have it made.

The cement that is bonding the crown was not very strong. This happens when the dental cement is contaminated while it was being prepared or due to various other reasons. If this is the problem, then you don’t have to go through the process of getting a new crown, it’s a matter of having our dentist re-cement the crown back onto the tooth.

You indulged in too much of chewy and sticky food. Sometimes one gummy bear is all it takes to take down your crown! Also, if you love to indulge in food that are overly sticky, this can make your crowns loose, slowly but surely! But the good news is that sometimes, when the crown is yanked out due to sticky food, it can be re-cemented, if you’re lucky!.

It simply broke. Sometimes it’s just one of those things, like lots of force or some unforeseen reason the crown can break and fall off. Sometimes the crown can crack for no particular reason and loosen or free the crown seal or bonding to the tooth and completely knock it off. Our dental center in Dubai has attended to many patients with this problem.

You have abused your crown. Well, it’s not like you have been stomping on it, but sometime when there is an emergency, such as the need to bite of a piece of thread from your dress, open a bottle cap or crack a crab shell with your teeth, you tend to use your mouth and put unnatural stress on the crown by gritting and grinding your teeth. When you abuse your crown in this sense, the cement that holds the crown will come free, resulting in the crown falling off at the most inconvenient time, life happens!