Dental Implant

Pros Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are implants that are made out of titanium that act as roots of the missing natural teeth. A trained surgeon buries the implant inside using a metallic screw. In a process known as Osseo integration, the implant fuses together with the natural bone tissue, creating a structure of permanence. The beauty of the dental implant is not only do they closely resemble natural teeth but they are also incredibly structurally strong. In fact, it has been proven that dental implants are stronger than even are our own natural tooth. Furthermore, dental implants are as good as natural teeth when it comes to doing everyday things such as speaking and chewing. There is absolutely no differentiation. This makes them great solutions to the problem. In comparison, alternatives such as dentures are temporary solutions and can even increase the problem in the long run. These are the reasons why dental implants is a very popular dental procedure.

Since its inception in the 1960’s it has been conducted on millions of people all around the world. Repeated surveys show that patients have voted overwhelmingly positive regarding the outcome of the procedure. They have shown their satisfaction to the program by illustrating that this dental procedure still continues to be the best way to treat this particular problem.

It all starts when you go to a consultation in a dental clinic. The surgeon will make a diagnosis of your condition and decide whether you are suitable for a dental implant procedure or not. Conditions such as not enough bone mass and being a regular smoker could complicate the procedure and the information needs to be inputted into the decision making process. After the patient confirms with a yes to the process, the procedure can be initiated. Even before the surgery begins using advanced software the surgeon can in detail pre plan the operation. The dental implant can also be customised to suit the individualistic needs of the person. All of this is possible because of the advancement of technology. This innovation enables even the time of the dental implant process to be significantly reduced.

Once the implant is inserted by the surgeon, after a period of healing the abutment is fixed and then finally the crown is attached. Once the crown has been attached it can be stated that the entire procedure is completed. The problem has been permanently solved and there is no perceived need to worry anymore.

About GDNC

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