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Periodontists’ Top Tips To Prevent Your Gums From Bleeding

What begins as a little harmless bleeding during teeth brushing can lead to serious complications down the road if not dealt with in time.

Gum disease is a relatively common problem due to the build-up of bacteria in plaque. While this can lead to swollen gums, there is still no danger of irreversible bone or other tissue damage in the surrounding area. 

Left untreated, however, and you are quickly leaving the benign gingivitis zone and bulldozing straight into detrimental periodontitis territory. Once this occurs, the inner layer of gum and bone starts to recede, leaving gaps for gums to collect extra debris. 

Simultaneously,  connective tissue begins to destroy causing previously anchored teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. But what if a periodontist in Dubai told you that you can prevent this entire scenario from occurring in the first place? Read on to find out how.


Squeaky Clean

There’s nothing revolutionary here. Brush and floss for at least two minutes twice daily. While your teeth may look indestructible, remember your gums are made of delicate tissue so don’t brush like your life depends on it. Avoid scrubbing your gums, instead use a gentle, circular motion.


Say No To Tobacco

There’s no time or space enough to begin on the numerous harms of smoking so let’s just highlight here how it puts you at risk for gum disease. Because nicotine causes blood vessels to contract gradually, it becomes a major player in destroying the antibacterial barrier between teeth and gums.


A Dentist Is Your Gums’ Best Friend

Just like your hair needs to be cut and your nails need to be polished regularly so your teeth need to be cleaned. Bi-annual dental visits will ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and any present plaque is removed. Since gum disease is not painful, it can go unnoticed by you, but this will not happen under the scrutiny of a periodontist in Dubai.


Your Teeth Are What You Eat

Again this is a subject every individual is well-versed in, yet is hesitant to follow. But follow this. Hearty and regular servings of fruits and vegetables are key to helping your gums stay healthy and strong. Lack of Vitamin C, specifically, can lead to swollen and bleeding gums nudging you that much closer to periodontitis.


Leave Stress Behind

Stress shows up in almost every topic which is harmful to you. So there’s no surprise at its presence here as well. It most certainly has a negative effect on the health of your gums by increasing the chance of inflammation in tissue and by causing gums to bleed. Hello, gingivitis.



Poor oral hygiene habits can lead to an increased buildup of plaque which in turn causes gum disease to progress painlessly but consistently. Expert periodontists in Dubai at German Dental provide effective treatment for ongoing gum disease, including nonsurgical therapies and surgery to restore supportive tissues.



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