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Baby’s Day With Dentist: How To Prepare Your Child For His First Visit

February is here and its once again the National Children’s Dental Health Month...

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How To Care For Your Chipped Tooth

You are laughing and talking to your friend and suddenly you trip and fall face first onto the ground. And when you got up, you find something oddly jagged in your mouth...

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German Dental In Dubai fix your smile

Smile a Pretty Smile – Veneers to the Rescue

Unfortunate moments happen out of the blue. The first time you broke or chipped your tooth would have been horrifying for you as it was totally unexpected...

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German Dental In Dubai fix your smile

Teeth whitening: Let that pearly whites Sparkle

Sparkling white teeth are no longer just for celebrity superstars. There is a lot of advancement going on in the cosmetic dentistry industry over the past few years which has made teeth whitening affordable for all...

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Dental Care Routines For All

Everyone wishes for a healthy and beautiful smile. But having and maintaining it is a difficult task needing a lifetime of care...

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Stop Being Glum and Save Your Gums

Inflammation of gums and supporting dental structures is one of the most common diseases seen in humans...

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Get The Right Treatment For TMJ Condition

The TMJ is a hinge-like joint formed in the front of the ear where the upper skull or the temporal connect with the lower jaw or the mandible. TMJ or Temporomandibular joint disorder is one of the most painful joint and muscular d...

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Take Care Of That Smile With Regular Care

People often cringe when they think of visiting a dentist. They relate it to all things uncomfortable...

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Set Things Straight – Things to Know About Maxillofacial Surgery

Not everyone is born looking the same way. Each and everyone is different in one way or another. Sometimes these differences are considered good and at other times, they are not taken so well...

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root canal

Get To The Root Of Your Dental Issues With Root Canal

Sometimes, the unfortunate ones among us might trip and fall on their face, resulting in a broken tooth...

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