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Living With Braces: The Right Way To Keep Your Mouth Clean

Orthodontists in Dubai

With more and more men, women and children opting for straighter teeth and a beautiful smile, the popularity of orthodontic treatments in Dubai is now on the rise. Although having braces on the teeth is quite a discomfort, most people are willing to undergo the procedure in hopes of getting the perfectly aligned teeth, gap-free smile by the end of the treatment.

However, starting your orthodontic treatment in Dubai alone doesn’t guarantee you the smile you wish to have. Caring for your braces and maintaining your overall oral health is just as important as getting the braces fitted to your teeth.

For instance, having braces on your teeth calls for extra attention to your teeth to protect them from decay, staining and gum diseases. In this article, we are discussing the important dental care tips that have to be followed without fail for completing your orthodontics treatment successfully.

Brushing Several Times A Day

While dental experts have always agreed that brushing twice a day is the standard for dental care, orthodontics treatments call for more number of brushings. It is recommended that you must brush your teeth after every meal or snack to dislodge any food particles that stay trapped in the braces. Food particles stick on to the brackets, wire as well as the nooks and corners between them, which increase the risk of plaque buildup and in worst cases, bacterial infections. Gently brush using a soft-bristled toothbrush to dislodge the food particles and keep your teeth clean.

The ideal way of brushing your teeth with the braces on is-

  • Rinse the mouth to loosen food particles stuck around the braces.
  • Brush each tooth as well as the gum line to ensure no plaque is formed
  • Brush the gum line by holding the brush at a 45-degree angle for easy removal of plaque
  • Rinse your mouth again after the brushing

Make sure that your brushing is not too vigorous as it will lead to enamel erosion.

Flossing And Rinsing

While it may seem like a difficult thing to do, flossing can help remove plaque from between the tooths. This is especially helpful if your orthodontic treatment is focused on closing dental gaps. For easily flossing under the wires, there is orthodontic flosser available in the market. These flosses are normally waxed and will not hitch the metal wire. Using an oral irrigator, which is a stream of pulsating water can also remove plaque and food from the teeth. Dentists also recommend the use of mouthwash, which can kill any residual bacteria present on the teeth.

Say No To Sticky Foods

Dentists recommend all men, women and children who are undergoing orthodontic treatments to stay away from sticky and chewy food like chewing gum, dried fruits, caramel and taffy. These food items can stick to your teeth or braces and prove to be quite stubborn when you try to remove it. Further, surgery and starchy foods are known to increase plaque buildup around the brackets, which can cause cavities, staining, bad breath and even gum diseases.

Any food that’s too hard to bite is also a complete no. Biting hard on the food may snap the metal wire and injure your mouth along the way. Crunchy foods, including vegetables and fruits, must be cut into small bite-size pieces before munching on them. As a general thumb rule, dentists recommend patients on orthodontic treatment to watch what they eat and stick to brace-friendly food items.

Orthodontics treatments in Dubai can easily correct most dental alignment issues including tooth gaps, underbite, overbite and crooked teeth. Consult your dentist in JLT today to learn more about the procedure.

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