Living With Braces – How To Care For Them

We see a lot of children, teenagers and even some adults who get orthodontics treatment in Dubai to correct the alignment issues of their teeth. Misalignment of the teeth is a condition that should be taken seriously not only for aesthetic reasons but also for general oral health. Studies show that children who grow up with misaligned teeth tend to have eating disorders due to discomforts in chewing and biting. This is why dentists generally encourage orthodontics treatment for children, adolescents and even adults.


However, maintaining oral health and hygiene after putting the braces is another story. It is a fact that taking care of your teeth gets much more difficult with the braces on. The braces have tiny spaces between their brackets, wire and elastics where food particles may get trapped causing plaque to form on your teeth. This is why dental care routines like brushing, rinsing mouth and flossing become more important after during the course of your orthodontic treatment in Dubai.


So here is a list of things to do for better oral hygiene while you are wearing braces-


Cleaning your teeth

As mentioned before, the braces have small gaps and spaces where food particles will get trapped causing plaque buildup. Therefore, it is very important to learn the proper way to brush and floss your teeth after your meals to keep your teeth clean always.


Before you start brushing, take off all the removable parts in your braces like elastics. Now, bold the brush in a 45-degree angle to the gum line and start brushing in a circular motion. Thoroughly do this on the inner and outer walls of your teeth and make sure to dislodge any pieces of food stuck in your braces. Remember to floss once a day Use a floss threader for better access to all parts of your teeth. Rinse your mouth with water or mouth wash for best results. Wash the removable parts in water or mouth wash before popping it back on the teeth.


Troubleshooting Braces

Even with the best care, it is normal for your braces to break or snap at times. At times your wire may come off or brackets may break away from their position and run loose over the wire. If a band, bracket of spacer falls off, contact your orthodontist at the earliest to reattach it back.

Chances for mouth injuries are higher with the braces on. If you hit your face somewhere, your teeth might break or chip even with the braces on. Sometimes the wire may breakaway bruising your mouth. At times like these, call your orthodontist in Dubai and pay him a visit to make the corrections.


Foods to avoid

As a good thumb rule, it is better to skip sticky and chewy food items while you have your braces on. Also, it is better not to bite hard on any food item during the period of your orthodontic treatment. Your teeth will be weak due to all the pressure from the braces, making it more vulnerable to breakage. On the other hand, crunchy foods like popcorn can also get dislodged in the braces cause it to snap while you take a bite.


Visit the Dentist

During the period of your orthodontic treatment in Dubai, you will have to visit your dentist regularly for adjustment to your braces. Talk to him about all your concerns and clarify your doubts regarding oral hygiene while wearing the braces. You must also be open about the pain and discomfort you feel with the braces if it becomes unbearable at any point.


Maintain a good oral care habit throughout the period of your orthodontic treatment and follow all the necessary instructions. Let your smile get brighter and healthier for the future.

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