It’s Time To Stop Worrying About That Missing Tooth

Smiling can make you and other people happy. Just a simple smile with a random person on the street can help make their day better. But don’t you smile anymore because you are not confident about the way your teeth look? Are your teeth broken, missing or damaged? You do not have to worry anymore. We can get you the perfect set of teeth that will boost your self-confidence, with an effective and simple process of dental implants.

Our group of professionals at German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic will look into your situation and determine if you are eligible for a dental implant, and provide you a permanent solution for the problem that has been bothering you your entire life.

Dental implants have proved to be beneficial to people in many ways. They enable you to fill any gaps and ensure harmony in your teeth. It also helps patients to preserve their bones. You might have difficulty chewing your food, which is a problem you have to face on a daily basis. By undertaking a dental implant, you can say goodbye to this problem as well.

The rate of success of dental implants is between 95% and 99%. These implants can survive from five to fifteen years. We will undertake this process using the latest technology of cone beam 3D CT scan and cerec scanning technology. Considering all types of surgeries done to a human body, this is one of the simplest and safest surgeries, with a very high rate of being successful.

Our company used the first interactive 3D computer imaging software that is used for Dental Implant planning.

Dental implants can enhance nutrition and digestion. By enabling you to chew better, food can be better digested, which ensures that their best nutrition and benefits are absorbed to your body.

You might worry yourself that a dental implant will look artificial. Dental implants are made to look natural, and they would blend in well with the rest of your teeth. It will be like you never lost a tooth!

Your comfort would be at stake if you have damaged, missing or broken teeth. We ensure that after the surgery, your comfort is restored and you will feel like you grew yourself a new tooth.


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