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Is It Necessary To Replace Missing Teeth?

Maintaining good oral health does not only mean you are taking better care of your teeth because you want to have a better smile. While that is an important factor, another essential reason why we should encourage practicing good oral hygiene and regularly visiting the dentist is to prevent yourself from teeth loss. Not only does it take a toll on aesthetic purposes, but teeth loss also makes it difficult for a person to chew and consume food, and it even affects speech. When we do not address oral issues at its early stage or at its preventive stage, there is a high possibility that you may lose one or several teeth.


Loss of teeth is absolutely something that you would not want to experience. If you already have, do not worry as there is still a way for you to fix your smile and put your life at ease. If you are considering teeth replacement, you may have heard of dental implants as it is rather a well-known dental procedure.


It is important to know that every tooth takes an important role especially in regard to the structure of your mouth. A missing tooth can also lead to serious oral issues, such as plaque build-up in areas that can then lead to gum disease and infections, which can result in further teeth loss. If your missing teeth are not replaced, bone deterioration can occur as the bone that formerly surrounded the lost tooth or teeth can begin to erode.


To solve this problem, it is highly recommended for you to see top dentists and have your dental implants done. A dental implant works as a small titanium post that gets fixed into the bone socket of your missing tooth or teeth. They are metal screws positioned along the jaw bone. The screws join with your bone to ensure the base is firm for crowns or bridges to be placed. It can be used to replace a single tooth or many teeth.


Dental implants provide a steady foundation for artificial teeth. Once the implant and bone are placed together, a brace support will be placed to ensure that the replaced tooth is firm and stable.


What is good about implants is that they can appear and feel natural, as if you have completely restored your teeth. It offers a long-lasting solution and with proper care, it will last for years that can give you a permanent solution.

The other benefits of getting a dental implant done are:


  •         Long-term stability
  •         Prevents gum erosion and bone loss in your mouth
  •         It gives a natural and comfortable feeling
  •         Prevents teeth shifting
  •         Makes your smile better


Dental implants can be done with these ways:


Full Dentures

A full set of artificial teeth, ideal for those who have lost most of their teeth.


Partial Dentures

This is advisable and is the best option for people who want to replace some of their missing teeth. Partial dentures are attached to a plastic base held together by your gums and other teeth.


Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is a solution for those who want to replace several missing teeth. It consists of artificial teeth bonded into a frame and maintained by dental implants.


It is important to replace missing tooth or teeth. If you are looking into dental implants, visit one of the best dental clinics in Dubai. It is our aim to help you smile with confidence again. With German Dental & Neuromuscular Clinic, your smile is our priority.


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