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Importance of Oral Health Hygiene During Childhood!

Child Oral Health

Child Oral health is very important and teeth care should begin after the very first tooth that grows in your baby’s mouth. Healthy teeth are important to your child’s overall health. Although they will fall out within a few years, baby teeth hold a space for your child’s permanent teeth, and it’s important that your child has a healthy mouth for when their permanent teeth arrive. Strong oral care helps set good dental habits as your child grows, while poor oral care may lead to infection, disease, or other teeth problems. Without proper care of the child’s oral health, even baby teeth can decay and result in a host of problems.

Some of the possible issues include:

  • Pain in the teeth and gums.
  • Difficulty chewing, eating, and sleeping.
  • Gum disease and inflammation.
  • Embarrassment when talking and smiling.

Because children are not exempted from oral health problems and infections, and because they rely on adults to help them take care of their teeth, setting high standards for Dental Hygiene is extremely important.

Below are some tips parents can use to encourage young ones to learn to maintain a healthy mouth with strong teeth and gums:

  • Help them with brushing their teeth a minimum of twice a day using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste, while teaching them to do it on their own for when they are
  • Let them choose their own toothbrush in order to encourage them to enjoy brushing their teeth.
  • Be sure your child gets enough fluoride by choosing a good fluoride toothpaste.
  • Read books or watch videos that discuss dental hygiene, in order to educate yourself on dental care.
  • Use a timer to ensure the kids brush their teeth for 2 minutes or play their favorite song to help keep track of time.
  • Ensure your child maintains a healthy diet, which is high in fruits and vegetables and low in added sugars (avoiding sugary drinks is highly recommended).
  • Schedule your child for regular dental checkups and cleanings. A visit with the dentist every six months is recommended.

Helping children develop healthy habits to care for their teeth while they are young is imperative. These habits will help set the stage for good oral health care throughout their life, and will help them avoid many of the problems that result from poor oral health, including gum disease,, cavities, and tooth decay.




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