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How Home Teeth Whitening Works?

Home Teeth Whitening

But how it works? Should we do it along with in-office whitening or do it separately?

At German Dental Clinic, our dentists recommend doing in-office whitening (Zoom Whitening) once at the dental clinic then you can do home teeth whitening for touch-ups.

You need to visit your dentist and discuss the case with him so he can provide you with the best treatment for your teeth but usually, a single in-office (Zoom Whitening) session is needed to be done at the clinic then you can do a home whitening once a year.

Individual plastic mouth trays will be prepared for you, so your dentist will do an impression of your teeth in order to prepare the customized trays and to make them ready for your home procedure. Usually, it takes one or two days after the impression for the trays to be ready, you need to visit your dentist so you can try the trays and make sure that they fit, then you will be ready for your home Teeth Whitening experience.

At home, you need to brush your teeth prior to the treatment, put the bleaching gel into each impression of your trays, place the trays over your teeth then you need to take out the trays when the prescribed time for your formulation is up, brush your teeth and enjoy your white teeth 😊

The home Teeth Whitening has two types of Daywhite and Nitewhite, the dentists usually advised to choose the nitewhite while if you don’t like to wear the trays while sleeping then you can go with the daywhite.

For how long you need to put the home teeth whitening trays?

If you already did the in-office whitening then you need to wear the trays for 2-3 days for a minimum of 4-5 hours a day, while if you choose just to do the home whitening treatment without the in-office session then it is required to wear the trays for 10-15 days for a minimum of 4-5 hours a day.

Most often you need to do home whitening once a year but this depends on your habits and food lifestyle so in order to get the best result from your treatment it is very important to avoid, coffee, tea, soft drink, chocolate and any drink or food that could discolour your teeth for few days after the treatment.

Coming to the pros and cons of home whitening, the treatment is cheaper than in-office teeth whitening but it takes a longer time to see results and the teeth sensitivity will remain for a longer time during the 10-15 days of treatment.

If you would like to know more about Home Teeth Whitening you can contact our team at German Dental Clinic and book your consultation appointment.


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