How Do Dental Veneers Cater To Our Needs?


If ordinary porcelain shell casings could change the appearance of your teeth entirely and make them flawless, would anything stand in the way of you getting them?

Veneers in Dubai, now being one of the most reliable and durable treatments in town, are doubtlessly THE best solution for you if you’re dealing with chipped or broken teeth, misaligned teeth that need to be lengthened or any gaps between teeth which need to be filled instantaneously.

They are also the perfect solution for you if you want to permanently whiten your teeth or if you’re constantly busy with a tight schedule and are looking for a dental procedure which could fix up your dental issues in under three visits to a dentist. Not only is this method cost-effective but it also efficient and greatly effective, with almost no procedure of post-care, except for laying off food that tend to stain the veneers, such as coffee, and habits such as smoking. Your dentist is able to advice you on, if you’re a suitable candidate for this procedure after an initial examination and will determine if you could even get your treatment done on the same day itself. This one day treatment is called “non-prep veneers” and is ideal for you if you’re unsure of being able to fit in another dental visit to your schedule.

The process involves your doctor, firstly preparing the shell casings according to the block he has made of the shape of your teeth out of a high tech scan and then he will remove a part of the enamel of your tooth so that the casing will fit your tooth flawlessly. The casings being made out of porcelain makes them look completely natural and flawless to the naked eye.

If you’re someone that fears painful procedures and want to avoid them at all costs, this process is great for you as it is completely pain free and if you feel unsure and nervous, our team of professionals are experienced and considerate in a manner in which they will make sure that you’re not in discomfort or use anesthesia if necessary.

Unlike going in for a teeth whitening session every two years, with this treatment you can ensure that you have permanently lightened teeth, as your dentist when producing the shells will make them in the shade that you prefer. This is also a much healthier option as opposed to regular teeth bleaching, as it is a onetime treatment and less invasive.  They are flexible in a way that they could go hand in hand with any other future procedure that you wish to undergo, thus they are the perfect solution for you to reclaim your Hollywood smile!