dental implants

Have No Gaps Between Your Teeth!

We are never satisfied with the way we look. We just aren’t. Some may call it ‘human nature’, but those of you who want to actually do something about it, would call it ‘room for improvement’.

Room for improvement, it is!

Not blessed with a perfect set of teeth? Or have you experienced loss of a couple of teeth or even parts of your teeth chipping or breaking leaving gaps in our perfect mouth, which not only leads to difficulties in speaking if your teeth at the back are affected but also will lead to problems when you eat. The practical complications just go on and on. What about the lack of confidence and insecurities which come alongside these gaps in your teeth? Have you been shying away from taking any picture which shows your teeth, and realized that your pictures aren’t good enough for social media because your smile without teeth doesn’t seem genuine?

Toss away your worries and do some research, and if you’re reading this you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Ever heard of dental implants in Dubai? Implants have been common for some time now and they suit all types of people. If you have lost a tooth or more or have a chipped tooth where you can clearly notice that it’s partly broken, it needs fixing. This surely isn’t news to you. We not only specialize in dental implants but also provide a detailed service throughout the whole process. It is important to understand the situation of your teeth and this will be assessed through a thorough examination by our excellent team of professionals prior to deciding as to if you are a fitting candidate for implants.

While implants aren’t risky, not getting them fixed could cause other complications as there will be gaps in your gums which are directly connected to your nerves thereby causing a way through which germs and other harmful substances could enter your body.

Dental implants will not have any side effects after the process is completed and it will help you get back the flawless teeth you lost and also help you to resume your daily activities such as eating and speaking easily and more conveniently. We begin by taking a CT scan of your teeth and then using a 3D computer model we plan out where exactly the implant should be and work on ensuring that the size and color are just perfect to match your original teeth. For those of you who feel that the shape of your teeth also need fixing, depending on the number of teeth implanted, sometimes you also have the chance of altering the shape of your teeth, and you could get further advice on this process from your dentist.

We ensure your safety during the entire process by making sure our facility maintains the premium standards of hygiene and by following a strict system of sterilization of all equipment used as this is essential in surgeries such as implants because they deal with your gums. While this process will not need you to always drop by the dentist, with consistent and monitored care, these implants will not need replacing!

Consider it simply, a long term investment, a permanently flawless smile!