oral care

Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Oral hygiene is imperative to prevent tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. Taking care of your teeth is a worthy goal and will keep your teeth in good shape as you age. Brushing and flossing are not just to keep teeth clean and eliminate plaque; research indicates it helps eliminate medical disorders. If you are suffering from gum disease, it increases the likelihood of preterm labour, diabetes, stroke and heart attack.

The role of oral health to your overall health

How does oral health play a role in your overall health? Your moth is the central point to what is going on with the rest of the body. It is the point doctors use to detect early symptoms and signs of systemic disease. Diseases can be identified based on mouth lesions and different oral problems.

If you don’t brush or floss regularly, plaque can build setting the stage for bacteria to multiply between your teeth and gums. You may have heard of gingivitis. This is a common gum infection. If left untreated it can lead to periodontitis, a more serious infection of the gums. Poor oral health can lead to digestion problems. It starts with chemical and physical processes in your mouth that can result in digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and even intestinal failure.

Why dentist visits are important?

Regular visits to your dental clinic will not only take care of various oral issues, it will also give you a great smile. Now, this is certainly something to smile about. Visiting your dentists on a regular basis will keep your mouth in good shape and also help your dentist keep track of any impending symptoms or signs of other health issues. What can a simple dental exam help detect? It may be poor nutrition, improper jaw alignment, growth and development issues and poor oral hygiene which can be identified as top oral issues, anytime you visit German Dental Clinic in Dubai.

Let’s look at some good oral hygiene you can practice at home.

  • Start by brushing your teeth twice a day using non abrasive fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss daily in places your toothbrush cannot reach
  • Eat a well balanced and nutritional diet
  • Avoid cigarettes, too much tea and coffee as it stains teeth
  • An effective way to detect early oral issues is if you visit your dental clinic regularly

There is plenty of reason to take care of your teeth. Good oral hygiene is imperative in your day to day life. As much as good oral hygiene is practiced at home, having regular oral checkups is just as necessary. The German Dental Clinic in Dubai a leading dental care provider with cutting edge technology that offers a wide array of dental services including dental implants to give you a stunning smile.

Dental implants are the most natural and closest tooth replacement procedure for individuals with missing teeth, chipped or stained teeth.