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Get The Right Treatment For TMJ Condition


The TMJ is a hinge-like joint formed in the front of the ear where the upper skull or the temporal connect with the lower jaw or the mandible. TMJ or Temporomandibular joint disorder is one of the most painful joint and muscular disorder people suffer from.


The major symptoms of this disorder is a sharp pain in the jaw joints when they are used for eating, talking, swallowing or yawning. Studies show that around 720 million people worldwide suffer from some form of this medical condition caused due to muscle dysfunction or an acquired injury.


The pain may be bearable initially but increases with time, leaving the sufferer with extreme pain and discomfort. The pain can also spread to the years, neck, head and even shoulders, eventually threatening the patient’s overall health.


The TMJ treatment and medication in Dubai are usually administered by an expert dentist, which involve surgical and nonsurgical treatment methods.


Non-Surgical methods


Patients suffering from TMJ condition is usually recommended a jaw rest, which is simply relaxing the jaw to avoid continuous irritations. As a joint that is one of the most overused in the human body, giving it sufficient rest will include a change in diet and daily routine.


Dentists also suggest the sufferer stick to a soft diet which includes cooked vegetables, fruits, mashed potatoes, soups, and smoothies.


Sometimes medicines are administered to dull or relieve the pain and irritation of the stressed joint. The common medicines used for this are aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Dentists also recommend doing stretching exercises to help relax the jaw muscles.


Another effective treatment to alleviate the pain is heat or ice pack therapies. These can shrink the swelling of the tissues around the jaw joint, stopping the muscle spasms and allowing the join to rest.


Bite plates are a common nonsurgical treatment method offered by dentists, which use splints or plates inserted into the jaw for a short time. These are usually worn 24×7, with the splints fitted between the upper and lower teeth to keep the teeth apart. This can effectively reduce grinding and clenching of the teeth and relieve muscle tension and pain in the jaws.


Surgical methods


In severe cases of TMJ disorder, a maxillofacial surgeon will often recommend an arthroscopic surgery, which includes ligament tightening or joint replacement.


A neuromuscular approach using computerized diagnosis called the Myotronics K7 is used by expert dentists in  Dubai to find a unique position where the muscles and joints are in harmony. The surgical treatment is decided based on this position. Further treatments include fixed or removable orthotics, orthodontics, and full mouth rehabilitation.


TMJ can be treated with a combination of surgical and non-surgical methods. With the right diagnosis and treatment form your expert dentist, you will be able to find relief and go on with your life pain-free.

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