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German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic: For Dubai’s Foremost Dental Healthcare

Having set up its base of operations at Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic (GDNC) is on a mission: to implement cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment to provide the best dental care to be found in the UAE. If you wish to have your teeth examined by the best dentist in Dubai, you book an appointment at GDNC.
GNDC’s team is comprised of qualified dentists in Dubai, providing a range of dental care services that include the following: general dentistry, veneers, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, root canals and Neuromuscular dentistry- a field of dentistry that focuses on correcting the “misalignment” of the jaw to eradicate pain at the Temporomandibular joint; all of which can be afforded with reasonable and economical healthcare packages.

At GNDC, one can receive the best veneers in Dubai. Implementing the latest technology, GNDC’s dentists can craft veneers that are highly resilient and long-lasting. Veneers are thin shells made from porcelain material and placed over a tooth. They can be used to cover stained or chipped teeth, and can also be utilised to protect the surface of the tooth from damage such as erosion. Whether to replace a fractured or a discoloured tooth, veneers can completely change a person’s smile and improve their appearance.

If it is a matter of replacing missing or damaged teeth, then the best dental implants in Dubai can be found at GNDC. The first company to use an interactive 3D computer imaging software to map out the planning of the dental implant, GNDC can craft the perfect dental implant that modern dentistry has to offer, giving clients a wonderful, natural smile that does not hinder eating and drinking.

GNDC develops individually customized treatment plans to cater to the needs of each patient, allowing the clinic’s dentists to compile a comprehensive program that meets the patient’s requirements. Regardless of whether booking an appointment for a basic dental cleaning or a more elaborate procedure, GNDC’s team of professionals have been trained to offer personalized customer service and quality of care, to deliver dental treatment that is gentle and as least invasive and discomforting as possible. The aim of GNDC is to promote excellent dental hygiene amongst clients, to urge people to take the best care of their teeth instead of neglecting them. Dental discomforts and infections prevent consumption of certain foods and drinks. Why endure the agony when all that’s required are procedures as simple as brushing the teeth after waking up and before going to bed, or flossing teeth daily?

Thanks to the dentists dedicated to giving the best service using advanced technology and modern equipment, and rewarding service and care, GNDC has reached a place in the dental industry that has positioned them to take advantage of the latest developments in dentistry. When it comes to dental healthcare, there is no better clinic to visit than GNDC.