children's dental health

Encouraging Children to Take Care of Their Teeth

Getting children to brush their teeth, floss and generally take care of their teeth has become a hassle for some parents. Most children are not very keen on these activities and try to evade brushing their teeth, especially at night. Some of them may pretend they have brushed their teeth when they haven’t done so while some may fall asleep while watching television or working on the computer without brushing their teeth before bed.

However, neglecting dental health would have serious consequences for a person later in life. Apart from falling teeth, cavities, bleeding teeth and gums and a host of other dental issues, bad oral health could also result in more serious health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetic complications, respiratory problems and dementia. Most people are not aware of these and assume that dental problems may only lead to toothaches and rotten teeth which can always be replaced. So, it’s necessary for people to be aware that dental health is not all about one’s oral cavity, but could have an impact on the total system. If one regularly visits an Orthodontic Specialist in Dubai, one would be completely aware of these dental issues.

Parents’ role

Children should also be made aware of the importance of taking regular and proper care of their pearly whites, and the negative effects of not doing so. It’s the role of parents to impart this knowledge to children so they know why brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day are so important to their health. In the absence of such habits, there would be the need for Veneers in Dubai etc. before they are really old.

As all good habits start young, parents should inculcate these habits in their kids from a young age, right from the time when they are toddlers. Of course, because a child’s motor skills are not properly developed at that age, they may find it difficult to brush their own teeth. Parents should brush their kids’ teeth at this age and explain why it’s necessary. Parents should also brush their own teeth in their children’s presence so they understand the importance of this action. When they are a little older, allow them to brush their teeth on their own while encouraging them at every step and showing them how it should be done correctly. They may continue to need help with flossing even at this stage.

Children will be encouraged to brush their teeth if they are provided with child-friendly flavoured toothpaste which is specially designed for children. There are special children’s toothbrushes too in the market with fun designs and colours. If children are allowed to select their own toothbrushes, they may enjoy the task of brushing their teeth more. Introducing them early to Orthodontic Specialists in Dubai would also contribute towards making them more aware of dental issues.

Repercussions of poor dental health

Although children should be made aware of the repercussions of poor dental health, this should be done without instilling fear in them. Otherwise, they may be fearful about the experience of visiting the dentist. Such fears could last into adulthood as well, irrational as they may seem to most of us. Both children and adults should get dental checkups done once in awhile and this should be a fun experience and not a stressful one.

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