Dental Implants –Your Best Option for a Dental Replacement

Patients who have lost their teeth in the wake of an accident, injury, or disease are usually not only victimized by this dental ailment but also by the mental stress that a changed facial appearance brings. An empty gap in your jaw line, where there was once a healthy tooth, is not only displeasing to the eyes but also unhealthy for your dental framework.


Patients who have lost a tooth or teeth, for any reason, and are looking for an effective solution to combat this situation should definitely direct their attention towards dental implantations. Dental implants provide patients the opportunity to have their missing teeth effectively replaced through artificial placement.


How is this Possible?

Dental implantation treatment works with the placement of a prosthetic tooth in place of the empty cavity. The procedure works by inserting a small titanium post at the site of the missing tooth. Once the prosthetic is placed, a dental, bridge, crown or partial denture is placed over it to ensure that the prosthetic does not budge from its place.

Once the implant is integrated within the jaw bone a structure known as abutment is connected to the implant, and lastly, the artificial tooth is attached. The placement of dental implants within the jaw line, therefore, involves 3 significant stages – The placement of the implant, connecting the abutment, and the placement of the artificial tooth.

The comprehensive approach utilized in this form of treatment is what determines its success. Through this procedure, patients can effectively gain a fully functional replacement for their missing teeth that can potentially last for a complete lifetime.


Am I a candidate?

Dentists in Dubai explain that there is no specific or difficult criterion to get a dental implant. Patients should just own a healthy set of teeth that are free of any dental ailments like gingivitis or periodontal gum disease. Also, patients should have healthy gum tissues so that the dental implants can be properly supported in the oral cavity.


What are the Advantages?

In modern dentistry dental implants are considered to be the most suitable form of treatment for all patients. They provide patients the next best thing to natural teeth and are much more flexible than dentures.


Some other advantages of dental implants include:

  • Greater Flexibility: With dental implants, patients will be able to carry out all dental function more efficiently including eating, chewing, biting and speaking.
  • Improved Facial Appearance: Not only do dental implants fill the gap of your empty tooth but also provide support to your face that treats the sunken and slackened look it may have adopted.
  • Decreased Chances of Developing Gum Disease: Patients who have dental implants are at a decreased risk of developing gum disease.
  • Bone Structure of the Jaw is preserved: The implications of tooth loss can be severe. If left untreated tooth loss can cause your bone structure to regress with time.

In modern day dentistry, dental implants are the best possible option to substitute lost teeth and regain a complete and attractive smile.