Dental Implants to the Rescue!

Dealing with are missing teeth or gaps in your teeth which need to be replaced is never an easy task. But with the latest developments in technology, dental implants in Dubai, have now brought about the perfect remedy for this issue.

This procedure not only promotes the replacement of your teeth, which will make eating and speaking much more convenient, but will also give you a flawless smile and add better the shape of the jaw line as missing teeth tend to alter the shape of the face slightly, and this is also known as ‘sunken face’. Patients that use dentures, which are always troublesome and uncomfortable to wear, could also opt for this more permanent option of dental implants.

This procedure unlike other types of oral treatments such as fillings are not vulnerable to decay or getting stained as quickly as natural teeth do, which makes this one of the most recommended methods of replacing teeth. It is the most natural looking and durable method of replacing teeth, and this procedure could be performed on patients of any age, ranging from teenagers to even those of you who are in your late 80s.


The use of universal precaution at our clinic has allowed us to maintain a clean and safe environment, as we ensure that diseases which could be contagious are controlled from the beginning to prevent it from spreading. The work surfaces are kept clean and completely sterilized while making washing hands to the level washed in an operating theatre, a general practice at the clinic despite what procedure our dentists have worked on.

The success rates of such surgeries being from 90-95percent and the fact that even though there could be inflammation, swelling and discomfort while you eat at first, these will all go back to normal after a few days post-surgery. 3D interactive computer imaging software is used to assess where exactly the tooth/teeth should fit in and to help our team plan the restoration of the tooth accurately to ensure that with the highest standard of treatment is provided to patients.

Even though regular checkups would be needed to make sure that the implants are intact and your oral health is in good shape, post-procedure, implants are definitely recommended for those who wish to have a permanent solution to their teeth loss issues. Patients with anxiety and phobia are also treated in a manner in which they would feel comfortable and at ease, so even if you feel hesitant, our skilled team of professionals will make the whole experience completely painless for you.


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