Dental Implants are a breakthrough invention

Many decades ago in a corner of Sweden, an orthopaedic surgeon discovered a breakthrough innovation. He found out that that metal can get fused together with natural bone tissue. Thus, creating a structure of permanence. He termed this medical phenomenon as Osseo integration. He realised that this invention has the potential to transform the dental field. And it did it, although it took longer than expected. Branemark, the inventor was only able to conduct the first dental implant operation in the mid 1960’s. It was treated with a lot of scepticism and even derision from fellow medical professionals. Undeterred he pursued in his vision and eventually started winning the sceptics over. By the early 1980’s Branemark was able to trademark his invention and millions all around the world started getting treated for missing teeth.

This landmark dental innovation has now been successfully conducted for many years. In fact, repeated surveys show that patients who have had the procedure are overwhelmingly satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. Dental implant failures have been recorded to be extremely rare. The probability of failure is altogether extinguished if the implant is inserted by a skilled and experienced surgeon. Today’s technology has augmented the experience and skill set of the surgeon. 3D software enables the dental team to pre plan the surgery to perfection. Even the dental implant can be crafted to fit perfectly with the natural teeth. All of this and more is possible with the advanced software and equipment that is in the hands of dental technicians in today’s day and age.

The dental implant procedure itself takes around 2-4 months to be completed. It wholly depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. During consultation the doctor will be able to make an assessment as to the health of the patient. How quickly he or she will be able to heal after the operation. Healing times can get jeopardized if bad habits are present with the patient, such as smoking. In fact, if you are a smoker you should refrain from smoking after the operation for a period usually lasting about a month. That is until the wound has sufficiently healed.

About GDNC
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