Dental Implants a medical invention that has changed the world

Dental implants are one of the world greatest dental innovations. History has shown that from time immemorial, people have sought to create a perfect dental implant to solve the serious dental problems that occur when a natural tooth falls. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians civilization tried to create a viable treatment but failed. In fact, this problem was not solved till very recent in human times. In the 1950’s a Swedish surgeon was able to create the first modern dental implant, which was able to perfectly solve all the dental issues posed by a fallen natural tooth. This was the modern dental implant which everyone from days gone past had been trying to invent but had failed all the time.

Branemark’s dental implant used an ingenious medical phenomenon to make dental implants replicate the functionality of natural teeth. This came to be known as Osseo integration. This is where the metallic implant, which is usually made of titanium, fuses together with the natural bone tissue creating a structure of permanence. This strong device is able to then perform all the expected functions without the problem of failure or being inconsistent in stability. Temporary alternatives such as dentures became poor alternatives to dental implants. They are not able to solve the litany of problems that are concerned with missing teeth with the same comprehensiveness such as dental implants. For example, dentures tend to slip when the wearer is having animated conversations. As anyone who has been in that situation will be able to tell you that is not a pretty sight, it causes much social benefit to others at the expense of the wearer. Therefore, wearing dentures, you will have to wary of not laughing or talking too fast. These sort of problems simply do not exist with dental implants.

The ability of the dental implants to solve these problems effectively has enabled it to become one of the most popular dental procedures available today. Millions of people all around the world have benefited.

About GDNC
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