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Delicate Gums? Tips To Adding Nutrients To Your Diet

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Even when we care for our teeth with much dedication, we tend to forget about paying attention to our gums. This is an important part of our mouth as it protects our oral bone, ensures the secureness of our teeth and also stops the bacteria from affecting our teeth.

But there’s a point when the gums lose its power to fight against diseases gradually after it stops receiving enough care. Did you know that nutrition plays a huge role in this? Even though people pay less attention to one’s dental care, it is essential to give it the same amount of attention as your overall health. Irregular visits to the dentist may also give rise to gum diseases and other tooth diseases. So make sure you get treated by our dentist in Dubai for cleaner and healthier gums. In order to prevent any gum diseases or to protect your gums, there are a few nutrients that can be added to your plate, every day.

Dairy Products
Although people tend to avoid the intake of dairy products on a regular basis, fearing about weight gain, these dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese are really good for your teeth. They contain high amounts of minerals and calcium which are extremely good in strengthening our bones. They are also equally good for you gums. You can try adding a few quantities of dairy products in your diet. Start by drinking a glass of milk every day or by munching on snacks that contain dairies such as cheese or yoghurt. 

Leafy Vegetables
Vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale and other leafy ones that are rich in vitamins and minerals that extremely healthy for your mouth. Leafy vegetables have to be chewed well because of the fibre content hence making it good for your gums. When you chew continuously, there is an increase in the production of saliva which helps in clearing out the food particles and plaque stuck between your teeth. They also contain vitamin C, which is good for the reduction of inflammation and also increases the red blood cells production. These help in fighting against any irritation and gum diseases. Start by adding these leafy vegetables in your diet, by including them in your salad, or as a side dish, sandwiches etc.

Crunchy Fruits And Vegetables
Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, radish, carrots etc are extremely great for your teeth as they are hard to chew and gets stuck in between your teeth, which in turn keeps your mouth fresh. Our dentist in Dubai claims that you should include foods that are very crunchy as they help in getting rid of the food substances and plaque that’s been stuck on your teeth. These fruits and vegetables contain high fibre, which is why it becomes hard for one to chew, thus generating more saliva. Add these crunchy and leafy foods to your everyday diet and get your gums back on the healthy track. 

Follow these healthy nutrient filled diet to see changes in your gums. Get them checked every once in a while by our dentist in Dubai to prevent any gum disease.


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