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Dead Tooth: Identify And Treat It At The Earliest


Our teeth play a crucial part in our lives and almost everyone would have dreamed of getting the perfect set of teeth. Our parents and dentist have been asking us from childhood to be highly cautious with our teeth.

Can you imagine suffering from toothaches and other teeth related diseases because of neglection from our side? You can avoid reaching this spot by taking care of them and maintaining its health. While we know our teeth are not alive, it is regarded that a good tooth is alive and full of life. Our teeth can get affected with diseases when we don’t pay much heed to it, by feeding it the wrong diet and also many other reasons which our dentist must’ve asked you to steer clear from. 

Our teeth consist of a mixture of soft and hard tissue. When the nerves in the tooth’s pulp, which is the inner layer, get damaged as a result of injury or decline, they can prevent blood from supplying the tooth. And this action alone can trigger an infection and also trigger the death of the nerve. This is called a dead tooth. In this blog we will learn more about the dead tooth, how one can prevent and treat it:


The reason why a teeth die is that there isn’t enough fresh supply of blood passing through the tooth. A dying tooth may or may not be spotted by people who have them. But in some cases, the signs are too obvious to ignore for a fact that there is indeed something wrong with your tooth.  

Let us go through some of the obvious signs of a dead tooth:

-Pain: Our dentist have claimed that this certain sign may not be experienced in some cases. The range of the pain differs from mild pain to intense pain caused by this dead tooth. This pain is usually caused by the dying tooth. But sometimes the cause of the pain can also be associated with any infection such as having a bad breath, a bad taste or swelling around your gum line. 

Discolouration: This is considered one of the first signs that will happen when a person has a dead tooth. You will notice that the colour of that particular tooth has changed its colour ranging from yellow, light brown, grey and even black. When you have a healthy set of teeth, your teeth are usually in a shade of white and this colour may tend to change depending upon your diet and dental hygiene. This discolouration will continue and increase for a while causing the teeth to decay and hence kill the nerve. 


If you experience a dying or dead tooth, it must be handled or removed as soon as possible. If this is left untreated, these bacteria from the dead tooth will start spreading and thus affect the other teeth as well. This could lead to the loss of your additional teeth and also affect your gums and jawbone. Our dentist in Dubai will treat this dead tooth or the dying tooth with the help of a treatment called root canal. Sometimes if the situation has worsened, it can also lead to the extraction of the tooth. 

Are you experiencing similar issues with your teeth? Then rush to our dentist in Dubai to get it treated at the earliest.


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