Common Dental Problems that need to be addressed

Be it adults or children, no one likes visiting the dentist. This is an established fact and I’m sure many can relate to it. But despite our dislike and fear, we still cannot negate the fact that many of us face minor or major dental issues that deserve to be addressed and treated with the help of a dentist.
Neglecting and pushing dental problems back, will only cause them to progress and aggravate over time and to come up in the form of much more harmful symptoms. Some of the common dental issues that numerous individuals face and continuously neglect are:


It is commonly recognized as that sharp and searing pain when you take a bite of ice cream or a sip of hot tea. Most patients who suffer from sensitivity are so accustomed by the feeling that they simply avoid the food and drinks that can trigger this sensation, rather than seeking treatment and going to the depth of the problem.
Your sensitivity may be caused by an underlying dental condition that you yourself may be unaware of, like:

  • Cavities
  • An exposed tooth root
  • Removed fillings or worn out fillings
  • Periodontal gum disease
  • Fractured teeth

Patients who suffer from sensitivity should visit their dentist in Dubai so that the underlying reason behind their condition can be diagnosed and treated. And in case they only suffer from sensitivity, it can also be treated easily with the help of a special dental toothpaste and proper guidance on how to maintain oral hygiene. Patients can then continue to eat and drink anything they like without bearing the pain that they were previously accustomed to.

Missing Teeth

Apart from being visually displeasing; in case the missing tooth belonged to the front side of the mouth, gaps created by tooth loss can contribute to a host of dental problems.
Your tooth can break off due to multiple reasons; tooth decay, accidents, periodontal gum disease etc. But if left untreated they can cause other problems, patients will start to experience difficulty in chewing and biting food, and in speaking. Medically speaking, the site of the missing tooth can cause bone damage and it may also cause the remaining teeth to shift from their place. Thus disorienting the complete arrangement and appearance of the teeth and altering ones facial appearance.
In these modern times where cosmetic dentistry has immensely progressed missing teeth can also be easily replaced with the help of dentures, bridges, or dental implants. Dental implants in Dubai are a much more long term and advanced solution to this problem.

Foul Breath

Many patients complain that they often experience bad breath despite maintaining dental hygiene. This dental problem, although a rather embarrassing one, may also be caused by an underlying dental condition.
It may be caused by xerostomia; a condition in which the production and flow of saliva is affected causing a dry mouth, gastrointestinal infection, bronchitis, tonsillitis or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.
And if patients upon examination do not suffer from any of these problems, then chances are that they are actually not maintaining their oral hygiene as well as they should, or are taking certain medication that is causing their bad breath. Their eating, drinking or smoking habits may also be a factor that is making their mouth much more prone to bacteria.

Consult your Dentist

Your dentist in Dubai can examine all the minor and major dental problems that you face. And despite your fear and discomfort they can actually provide treatment and medication that will prove to be massively relieving for you.