Baby’s Day With Dentist: How To Prepare Your Child For His First Visit

February is here and its once again the National Children’s Dental Health Month. So have you taken your child to the dentist yet? Expert dentists recommend that kids must have their first dental visit just around their first birthday to find out whether your child’s oral development is on track and to ascertain the need for any early interventions in their dental care. Going to visit a pediatric dentist in Dubai early on will help the child get comfortable with the idea of dental care.

We all know that going to the dentist can be quite a bit scary for children and even some adults. However, for your baby, it’s mostly the fear of the unknown which makes it even more scarier. So here are a few steps to groom your child for his/ her first visit to see a pediatric dentist in Dubai-


  • Stay Happy


Various studies show that parental anxiety passes on to children very easily. So even if you are not a huge fan of visiting the dentist, never show your concern to your kid. Stay happy and encourage positive conversations regarding dentists and dental care.


  • Find the right expert


When it comes to your child’s dental care, choose the best pediatric dentist in Dubai for your visit. Pediatric dentists are trained in child development and psychology outside of their dental expertise, which helps them treat kids with care.



  • Tour the clinic


Most dental clinics in Dubai will allow you and your child to tour the clinic in advance for preparing your child for his or her first visit. This helps them get used to the sights and sounds at the clinic. Pediatric dentists in Dubai encourage their young patients to visit their office and get used to the surroundings before actually coming in for their appointment.



  • The right time to tell


It is better to tell your child about their first dental visit on the day of the appointment. Kids have a wild imagination and when they do not know what to expect, they tend to panic and think badly about a visit to the dentist. This can lead to a lot of anxiety, which is not so great for the visit



  • Build some interest


Before planning the first visit to your child’s pediatric dentist in Dubai, it is a good idea to watch videos or read books about going to the dentist. There are books and movies aimed at helping your child build a positive idea about dental care and it is the right time to introduce them to it right before you schedule the first appointment.



  • Play a Game


Playing games always help build a positive image in children about various routines. Dentist games are ideal for young children to stay curious about dentists and oral care. You can make your child sit down, and pretend yourself to be a dentist by counting their teeth with a toothbrush. Swap roles and let your child take a turn to be a dentist and count your teeth. Interactive games like these help break your child’s fear or dislike of oral care.


So plan your first baby’s first visit to his pediatric dentist in Dubai this February! Make sure that your child is well rested and in a good mood prior to the visit for a great session with zero tantrums and a lot of giggles.

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